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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Commentary: The war is oh-so important in '08

Barring something extraordinary that happens for the rest of the day, this'll be my last post of the day. I can't speak for Marcie. She may get the bug to step up to the plate before she calls it a day, but I'd like to draw on a post she made earlier today. That would be the one dealing with the round-heel Republicans jumpin on the Democrat cut-and-run bandwagon. You don't like the war in Iraq, and we get that. We know a lot of people who bring up mistake after mistake made, and have little or no confidence in the ability for us to succeed there. Fine. Live with that if you want, but I'd like to address the overall issue.

On 11 September, this nation was attacked by nineteen young men who believed that they were doing Allah's bidding in sacrificing themselves to kill 2,996 "infidels." Now, people know where we stand on that definition. Personally, we're offended that because someone deems us an infidel, we should be killed. Hey, learn to live and let live. We have to deal with moonbats here in America that we'd rather throttle, but we're not taking up the jihadi idea that death is the only solution. This is America, and we can agree to disagree. That's the beauty of this nation.

The other wonderful thing about this nation is that, following in the footsteps of the 231st birthday of this nation yesterday, this nation has stood as a beacon of freedom for the world since it's inception. No, we don't have to go and fight everyone's battles for them, but we do have to defend ourselves when we're called upon to do so. 11 September marked the most recent day to do that. We descended upon Afghanistan to remove the Taliban, and their willing accessories in al Qaeda, in defense of this nation. We did that and in pretty much record time.

In Afghanistan, we discovered that those we were fighting there had ties to another nation in the region, and that nation was Iraq. Saddam Hussein had ties to terrorism in the region, and he was doing his best to continue his fight against the United States. He harbored, funded, and supplied those terrorists, which made him an imminent threat to the United States and her allies abroad. Disagree with the decision to invade Iraq if you want, but it was the right thing to do.

Now we see others joining that fight in Iraq right now. Not only is it al Qaeda, but it's the leftover insurgents there along with elements of Hezbollah and Iranian forces supplying them which expands the stakes to virtually unprecendented levels. These enemies of America want us driven from the field of battle because they're losing. Ayman al-Zawahirir is practically admitting defeat, and begging for help. We are winning.

But people like Pete Domenici, Richard Lugar, George Voinovich, Susan Collins, and others are calling for a withdrawal from Iraq. Excuse me, but the Brits are slowly pulling out of Iraq, and jihadis -- homegrown or imported -- are attacking the UK. If we withdraw now, we'll be dealing with the same or similar here at home. Does anyone really want to see that here in America? The last invasion of this nation was in the War of 1812. Then, British forces descended on the United States from Canada, and culminated in the burning of Wasington, DC. While we do have sleeper cells here now, many of them are under surveillance, and it'd be unlikely that successful attacks could be carried out now. However, withdraw, i.e., retreat, from Iraq, and imagine the flood we may have to deal with. Worse, imagine if the cells could coordinate in a number of successive attacks? That's what we can expect if we retreat.

It's not the fact of withdrawal that they want. They want that, too, but they want us broken and defeated. We are, in their eyes, the "Great Satan;" an illegitimate bastard child that they feel has no right whatsoever to continue in it's present existence. the short view, of theirs, is the defeat of the United States int he Middle East. The long view is as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad has often ennunciated: A rebirth of the caliphate of old. A Muslim empire. From Lapland to Libya, from Vladivostok to Belfast, from San Francisco to Shanhai. They want a caliphate.

For our survival, for the world's survival, we can ill afford to allow a group of fools in the Senate to decide that the war is lost. They're not there. They're showing, with this talk, that they won't believe Gen. Petreus when he makes his report in September. Marcie is quite correct: We need to wait for that evaluation. Petreus is nopt going to blow smoke up our skirt. He will tell the Congress, and the citizenry, whether we're suceeding. If we're not, he's not going to lie. The Left and round-heeled Republicans may disagree with that, but Petreus is a professional. He doesn't engage in, as my uncle calls it, "bravo-sierra." If he thinks they have lost, or they aren't winning, he's not going to hold back on it. People like those round-heeled ones I listed above will not have lies handed to them. He'll be honest.

Honestly speaking right now, we're doing well with the surge. That's not saying it's a rousing success. The full surge hasn't been in place longer than a month right. they need time, but they've had successes that seem to be ignored almost daily. If you're reading people like Bill Roggio or Michael Yon, then you know we're working towards success. Obviously, the retreatists have opted out of a non-agenda-driven analysis of things that are occurring in Iraq. It is the central front in this war, as much as Europe was for the second World War, and we can't just pull out.

I reissue my challenge to the 'sphere and to the nation. We killed the immigration bill by getting upset. We destroyed almost every "pro" argument for the immigration bill with our analysis and knowledge. We can do the same thing on the war. 2008 will bring us a change in leadership, but it can't bring us a change in confronting this enemy that wants us dead. We must stand strong and united against them, or they will relish the opportunity to destroy this nation. 202-225-3121 is the number we need to call daily. Send Congress a stink they won't forget, and tell these nutters in the Senate to knock this off. We win this, no, together, or not at all. And if we fail, may God have mercy on the inhabitants of this nation because things will not get easier. they will get harder, and much worse before all is said and done.

Publius II


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