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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

11 Spetember: Not a political card

I bring this up today because of what I read this morning over at Hugh's site regarding Rudy's use of the attack. See, he picked up on this Boston Globe piece where the headline dangles the question "Giuliani watchers wonder if he will overplay 9/11 card."

The attacks on that bright Tuesday morning don't represent a "political card." This is the difference between us and them. To the Left it's a strategy; a useful tool to "play." Something that a politician pulls out for sympathy and to promote themselves as being tough on an issue. Meanwhile, those afraid of Giuliani are trying to throw this out there that he's invoking it to score political points. Ne he's not. He brings it up as a sign of his leadership skills.

We forget that while the president was hopping from base-to-base on that morning because DC was under attack, and no one knew if the attacks were over, it's was Giuliani that America saw first. He was speaking to the nation and explaining what had happened, and what they were doing. We saw leadership from his in the hours following the attacks.

But he's not doing this to score points. The Globe is simply wrong:

Political analysts say Giuliani's pitch is a powerful message to an electorate worried about another assault on US soil, especially after the recent attacks in Britain.

At the same time, many of these analysts question whether Giuliani can ride the anti terror train all the way to the White House. They say Giuliani risks being tagged as a single-issue candidate for his Sept. 11 performance just when his handling of the attack and its aftermath is drawing increasing criticism from his home city of New York.

"He really defined leadership in the aftermath of 9/11, and that is something that is uniquely his own," said John Zogby , an independent pollster based in upstate New York. "But he does need a second act, possibly even a third act. This is where we get into uncharted waters."

I guess John and the rest of the idiotic political talking heads missed the previous Republican debates where Giuliani answered question about what he'd do on immigration, on relations int he Middle East, about trade, etc. He's not a one-trick pony like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo are. He's not a nutty broken record like Ron Paul. He has his strengths, and he's reminding people of them. But to say that he's using 11 September as some sort of political ploy is preposterous.

This idea the Globe is floating should be flushed apprpriately. The Globe, like much of the MSM, stands on the Left's idea that this is merely an event to garner political points. We on the Right see it as a reminder of the sort of world we live in. there are people here who want us dead, and on 11 September they tried to kill as many people as possible. And as we see by recent polls, national security is still king. Social issues, like abortiuon, rank much further down the list. But the general public understands that we are in this war, and it's real. The enemy is real. It's not some fluffed up idea to be trotted out when the time is right to wag the dog (a la Bill Clinton on the eve of the Lewinsky scandal).

We get it. the Democrats clearly don't. Why else would their candidates be stating in debates that they'd withdraw troops from Iraq, possibly afghanistan, and let those nations carry on the fight by themselves? The Left seems to think that everyone in the nation is against this war. We're not. We tired of it. We're sick of the constant, negative drumbeat from crap-yappers like Harry Reiod, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the cut-and-run gang. We're tired of hearing the daily death toll from the news everytime they do a newsbreak. Hell, the print edition of the Arizona Republic has a special section just for US troops killed in combat. So yeah, we're a bit sick of the skewed reporting, and the defeatists in Congress. But we're not against the war.

And that's what separates us from them. We look at 11 September as a wake-up call, and one we had no choice but to respond to. Rudy understands that, which is why he reminds people of his leadership during the attacks, and stands on the platform that we're not going to let the jihadis off. They'll pay for any attack made against the United States.

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