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Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Column Up!!

It is that time of the month again, and the newest issue of Common Conservative is up and ready for reading. We bid a fond farewell to Vincent Fiore and Tom Adkins from the staff. Their wisdom will be sorely missed.

The boss starts us off with a piece on approval numbers, and how asinine they are most of the time.

Patrick Shanahan eviscerates the Fairness Doctrine by showing how much of an oxymoron it really is.

Larry Simoneax imparts wisdom for whiny teens, and why their parents are "boring."

And Marcie and I tackle the aftermath of the immigration bill; tagging winners and losers in the "grand bargain."

Nina May is on the immigration issue, as well, but from a different perspective.

Bob Parks weighs in on the Fairness Doctrine, following in Mr. Shanahan's footsteps.

Carey Roberts takes on the 88 Duke professors that slandered the three innocent lacrosse players.

Doug Patton goes in-depth into the Bloomberg candidacy.

J.J. Jackson takes on the anti-smoking Nazis int he nation, noting that they won't ban them outright, but they'll force you to keep it to yourselves.

And Jim Kouri skewers the decision about letting Rosie O'Blowhard to host "The Price Is Right."

Have fun reading all the fine pieces there, and remember that this post will stay at the top of the page through tomorrow. For updates, just scroll down.

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