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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harry Reid fixes the bill ...

... or so he thought. Can I ask an honest question here? Hary Reid has an approval rating of 19% right now. This morning, he introduced his "clay pigeon" amendment to the Senate.

What do you get when you cross Harry Reid with a "clay pigeon?"

A bad punchline to an already horrendous joke. Harry's the joke, and this bill is the punchline. Only we Americans have become the punching bag.

Why do I say that? If anyone was watching C-Span 2 this morning when this thing was introduced, we watched Harry Reid play his best Keystone Kops role when the GOP started raising the roof over the mistakes and omissions in this bill. It was supposed to contain all the amendments under consideration by the Senate that were to be included in the new 418 page monstrosity known as comprehensive immigration reform.The most glaring omission from the "clay pigeon" was Jeff Sessions' EITC amendment, and once the word went up from the Senate that something was wrong, the body itself was left to debate a bill that none of them had read, that none of them knew much about, which became nothing more than a blather session in it's worst form.

Of course, this is the Senate under Harry Reid's inept and incompetent leadership, so are we to expect anything less?

Folks, do we finally understand what's going on here? I do hope so. Once Harry saw the problems, he sent his staff back into Dick Cheney's vacant bunker to begin redrafting this pigeon in the hope that it would see the light of day tomorrow. (Yes, tomorrow, which means we get another day of useless, inane blathering from both sides of the aisle on C-Span 2.) I'll tell our readers this much though, and that is this "clay pigeon" is worth about as much as a cow-pie. Captain Ed Morrissey was busy divesting the "clay pigeon" last night/li> like much of the center-right 'Sphere was, and he brings up the same points we have written down right next to us.

This pigeon is a dead duck. It corrects nothing, and omits everything that the public has been yelling about now for five weeks. Enforcement isn't in it. An increase in Z-A Visa applicants is in it (now 1.5 million after the initial 400,000 was reduced by half). The DREAM act is in there, and the Agricultural workers (guest workers) still have the 24 hour waiting period, but get their papers if nothing pops up in that timeframe. (I'd like to remind readers that Mahmoud Abouhalima, the ringleader of the cell that executed the '93 WTC attack, sought and obtained a fraudulant ag-worker amnesty under the 1986 provisions.

This "clay pigeon" is as much a sham as the original bill. Nothing is fixed under these provisions. If anything, the bureaucracy will only get worse. For a comprehensive round-up of today's "clay pigeon" antics, head here. They have their own blog in honor of this fiasco. As if this comedy routine today wasn't enough, K-Lo over at NRO's The Corner has a dirty, little secret regarding the $4.4 billion in security and enforcement bribes, as observed by Senator DeMint:

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) released Wednesday a report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) which says the new Senate immigration bill contains a major loophole in border security. Supporters of the bill say it provides $4.4 billion in immediate mandatory spending for border enforcement, but according to the CRS analysis, the funds could also be used immediately to implement the amnesty provisions bill.

“This is just another example of how this bill claims to do one thing but does something else entirely. It’s another example of an empty promise being used to buy votes for amnesty,” said Senator DeMint. “The supporters of this bill have been running around trying to convince people that this money will be used to secure the border first, but now we know that’s not the case. If you read the fine print, the bill says this money can also be used for amnesty.”

Ouch. That's bound to hurt a good deal of support int he Senate, in the House, and across the nation. We said it before, and I'll say it again for emphasis:

The government didn't fulfill their obligations in '86, and have done nothing since then to make people believe they were serious about border security and enforcement, so why the Hell do they think we'll buy this line now?

Publius II


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