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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Terror Update; Suspects In Custody; Controlled Destruction Of Another Vehicle

Updates! Updates! Updates!

From the Corner:

As I indicated in this morning's article, things are unfolding in the UK investigation faster than we can keep up with them.

report Rich linked notes that there are now seven people in custody. Two men, aged 28 and 25, have been arrested in Scotland, in the Paisley area near Glasgow. You'll want to be sitting down for this:

The British press is saying that these men, too, "are not believed to be of Scottish origin."

Fox just reported that a manhunt is on for at least one other terrorist.

Fox also reported that it appears police in Scotland are about to do yet another "controlled explosion" of a suspect vehicle.

At least one of the two suspects arrested Saturday trying to carry out the Glasgow airport attack is a medical doctor. That would mean at least two doctors are involved. Mohammed Asha, the only suspect whose name I've heard reported to this point, is a doctor, and the woman arrested with him is his wife, according to the latest reports. As I mentioned in the piece, the Times said Dr. Asha is an Iranian Kurd. Other reports today describe him as Jordanian. I am not sure at the moment whether that simply means Asha was educated in Jordan, or means the initial description was wrong.

From CNN:

Investigators are focusing on at least three doctors believed to have played a role in the attempted terror attacks in London and Glasgow last week, sources said Monday.

British investigators arrested an eighth suspect Monday afternoon, a Scotland Yard official told CNN. The man, identified only as "H," was detained at an undisclosed location.

Earlier, authorities identified Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdulla, 27, as one of the two men who rammed an explosives-laden SUV into a terminal at Glasgow's airport on Saturday, one of the sources said.

British authorities believe those two men are the same ones who parked two car bombs in central London on Friday. The cars, packed with fuel and nails, could have killed hundreds if they had been set off.

In addition to Abdulla, police also arrested Dr. Mohammed Asha, a Jordanian-educated physician who moved to England two years ago, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

From FOX News:

Doctors from Iraq and Jordan were among the eight suspects arrested in the failed car bombings in London and at Glasgow's airport, officials said Monday. A witness said police were closing in on the terror network minutes before attackers rammed the Scottish terminal building.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said at least 19 locations were searched as part of the "fast-moving investigation."

Late Monday, police announced the arrest of an eighth suspect, a man, in the failed attacks. Authorities would not disclose where the arrest was made, but the British Broadcasting Corp. reported the man was detained overseas. Seven others, including a woman, were arrested earlier.

Vigilance was high less than a week before the anniversary of the deadly July 7, 2005, London transit bombing. Those attacks were largely carried out by local Muslims, exacerbating ethnic tensions in Britain.

In the latest attempted attacks, two car bombs failed to explode in central London on Friday and two men rammed a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas cylinders into the entrance of Glasgow International Airport on Saturday.

The unidentified driver of the Jeep, which burst into flames, is being treated for serious burns at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital in Glasgow, where he is under arrest by armed police and where the Iraqi doctor reportedly worked. A 27-year-old man also was arrested at the airport and was being held at a high-security police station in Glasgow.

Police said one man arrested in Glasgow is Bilal Abdulla.

According to the British General Medical Council's register, a man named Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla was registered in 2004 and trained in Baghdad. Staff at Royal Alexandra Hospital said one suspect was a doctor of Middle Eastern or Iraqi origin who worked there.

A second man arrested late Saturday on a highway in central England is Mohammed Jamil Abdelqader Asha, according to a police official who was not authorized to publicly disclose the details and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Quite a bit has come out since the attacks occurred this weekend. At first, the attempted bombings in London seemed a far cry fromt he attack in Scotland, but authorities believe that the two attacks are connected via the perpetrators. None of the men involved were natives of either nation. We can expect to keep hearing the spin from the relatives that these men were not "religious" or "fanatics," but it does not change the fact that they are involved. Of course the other option is that maybe, just maybe, the families do not know their sons/brothers as well as they thought they did. The obvious thing to watch for would be remarks that mirror the family members of the last cell broken up in Canada.

Within a couple of days of those arrests, the wives were talking about how great it would be for their husbands to be martyrs. It went from defending them, and claiming they would never do such a thing, to praising them for their decision to be martyrs. Only time will tell as events continue to unfold in Britain and Scotland. But one thing is certain: Neither nation is dropping it's guard in the immediate future. Britain most assuredly as the 7/7 bombing anniversary is less than five days away.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been following the London and Glasgow stories. They are bare on the facts. As near as I can piece together there are ten (10) suspects. Six are doctors and one is a medical student. Either 8 or 10 have been arrested. The identities of five are named. It appears all are Muslims. It also appears that the doctors and a medical student worked at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Glasgow. With Al Queda's #2 man being a doctor and the home countries named, the odds are there is a connection. The drama has yet to be played out. Rawiter

July 3, 2007 at 2:04 PM  

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