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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Turn out the lights, and say goodnight ...

Ha-ha. We were right on the nose. John McCain's done folks. There was a not-so-startling news from the McCain camp. HT -- Patrick Ruffini.

three numbers ought to slap any McCainiac in the face:

$2 million cash on hand; $13 million spent for the second quarter; (UPDATED -- $14.4 million spent [Thanks Patrick])$11.2 million raised this quarter. That's about a million less than what he raised the last quarter. Here's some from the presser where his campaign toadies spoke to the press:

Terry Nelson spoke first. "We are encountering the kinds of challenges that other Republican candidates are facing." All Republicans are faring worse than the Democrats. John McCain has always fought for change, which also makes fundraising harder. The immigration debate — in which Mr. McCain has been a principled leader, hasn't flip-flopped — has also really hurt.

First off, Mr. Nelson is incorrect. Mitt, Rudy, and Fred are having no problem raising money, and it might have a great deal to do with the fact that they haven't honked off the base. They all condemned the immigration bill, and all issued statements of relief at it's demise. Meanwhile McCain not only supported it in the Senate, but used it in his stump speeches. When over 80% of the nation says they don't want it, and you keep pushing it, no one's going to listen to you.

"Before the campaign began, we also made some incorrect assumptions about how much money we could raise." We thought we could raise $100 million. We no longer believe that to be true.

$11.2 million for this quarter

72,000 contributors to date (not just this quarter)

We're seriously considering taking public matching funds.

Patrick Ruffini makes the following observation, and I can't disagree with him:

Friends, this campaign is officially over. There is no way we are going to nominate someone who has to take public funding to take on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama ($90M COH between them).

Patrick couldn't be more right. And once the Q & A started it was revealed that they'd qualify for $6 million only. That's right, a measely $6 million dollars. Oh yeah, Johnny can take on that juggernaut and win. Yep, got all the confidence in the world for that to happen. NOT! There is no way in Hell McCain can compete in this race. Between Hillary and Obama on the Democrat side, Rudy, Mitt, and Fred on our side, there just isn't room for him.

And, of course, there's the fallout from the immigration flap.

His spokespeople also stated they'd "restructure" the campaign again. This is another sign that this is over. The only reason Captain Queeg will stick around is because he doesn't want to be the first one on our side to drop out. (After last Thursday's Senator Switchback's infamous vote switch, it should be Brownback who drops out first.)

John McCain is a good American. Other than that though, it can't cover up for how terrible of a senator he is, and how much of a worthless Republican he has been. It's time for Johnny to hear some straight talk from the people.

You're done. Swallow that pride and vanity that was your undoing, and do the right thing before you embarrass yourself further. If you keep this up -- worse, if you return to the Senate and decide to take your anger out on the people of this nation with more antics -- your constitutents in Arizona will be waiting for you, and we'll be the ones handing you your hat in 2012.

Publius II


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