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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Wheels Fell Off The "Straight-Talk" Express

Inevitable is the best way to describe what has happened to Senator John McCain's presidential chances. Richard Allen Greene @ The Politico reports:

Sen. John McCain, once assumed to be the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, announced disappointing second quarter fund-raising figures on Monday and will be cutting staff in an effort to stay afloat.

The camp had figured it would be able to raise $100 million this year, campaign manager Terry Nelson told reporters, but now realizes that assumption was "incorrect."

Nelson said McCain had raised $11.2 million this quarter -- a far cry from the $32.5 million posted by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's $27 million, and barely more than the third-place Democrat, John Edwards, who claimed about $9 million.

The campaign has about $2 million cash on hand, he said.

The figures mark a sharp collapse for the Arizona maverick who gave George W. Bush a bracing run in the early stages of the race for the 2000 Republican nomination.

McCain's advisers said he had received contributions from just over 72,000 donors.

They declined to reveal their new fund-raising target for the year.
Nelson will be working without a salary "for the next several months," he said, and senior staff is taking pay cuts.

Every department of the campaign was restructured, he said, but he would not say how many jobs were being cut.

The Associated Press said 50 posts were being eliminated, citing unnamed "officials with knowledge of the shake-up." Nelson refused to confirm the number.

The camp says it is considering accepting public matching funds and estimates it is eligible for $6 million.

Thomas commented on this earlier, but I would like to add that while Mayor Giuliani's and Governor Romney's numbers have yet to be released, I doubt they took a turn for the worse the way Senator McCain's numbers did. This very well could be the final nails in the coffin for his campaign. Mark Steyn @ NRO's The Corner,/li> says that a couple of "ostensibly well-informed e-mails" say that within the next few days, Senator McCain will announce his withdrawal from the race. The Commenters @ Hot Air all agree that when Senator Fred Thompson announces his candidacy, Senator McCain will try to upstage him with his announcement of withdrawal.

We shall see what we see.



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