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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why do so many people care about this point?

I have done my best to avoid the early campaign season. Call me old-fashioned, but the presidential season doesn't even really get going until after September, as candidates prep for the primaries. For some odd reason, this cycle's different, and every Mitt, John, and Hillary are jockeying for position in the race. (Note to readers, like the kids, I am GOP through and through.) But I'm appalled about a certain non-subject that seems to be sprining up across the Internet, and in circles around the water-cooler. That is Fred Thompson, or at least his with, Jeri Kehn Thompson.

For those unaware of this, I suggest you take a look at these two posts by Marcie regarding the issue of Senator Thompson's "trophy wife." Personally, I dislike the term because it is none of our business who marries whom, and what their reasoning is. But Allahpundit picks up a piece from Susan Estrich where she states that women will have a problem with Fred Thompson because of his wife. What disgusts me about her piece is the simple fact that she sounds like a bitter, jealous old woman (nine years older than myself, thank you) that cannot seem to get over the idea that both Senator and Mrs. Thompson are happily married.

All of this should support the view that Jeri Thompson’s assets are irrelevant to her husband’s prospects. But I don’t buy it for a moment — at least not among women of a certain age, both married and single, who are liable to play a decisive role in this campaign, particularly if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate.

The reaction I hear from every woman I know, those who have gotten sick to their stomachs over seeing middle-aged men cavorting with girls barely beyond their teen years, is a giant “yuck.”

What does it say about a man who’s busy having babies only two years after being diagnosed with lymphoma? What does it say that he’d rather be with someone who wasn’t even alive when JFK was shot, or at least was too young to remember where she was?

What does it say that he doesn’t care that she doesn’t remember the songs and the history and the fears we grew up with?
Where does it leave those of us who do?

Dateless is where. And maybe voting no.

I can’t help it. It makes me like Fred Thompson less. And I can’t believe I’m the only one.

This is where I have a problem with this line of questioning, and I think I have room to speak on this because I'm intimately involved in such a situation right now. For that, I refer readers to the kids. Thomas is fifteen years older than Marcie. He's a handsome young man, successful in his own right, and he loves his wife very much. She's beautiful, and well on her way to a successful career as a lawyer (she begins law school this fall). They do love each other and are committed to one another in ways that some couples could only dream about.

They do a great deal together, and that does not just include their blogging skills, and their regular columns twice a month. The two are separated only by his job and her schooling. I dare people to criticize their union. I was privy to a great deal of the "courting" that occurred, and I stood next to Marcie as her maid of honor at their wedding.

Based on this, I am forced to ask a question: Does it really matter? The age difference? I really don't think it does. So what that there's twenty-plus years difference between Fred Thompson and his gorgeous wife? So what that he decided to have two more kids with her at his age? Susan Estrich doesn't make any sort of a valid point. Again, her screed is filled with acrimony; almost laced with some sort of veiled envy. Jeri Kehn Thompson didn't break up Fred Thompson's first marriage.

Fred and Sarah thompson divorced on amicable terms in 1985, and he did not meet the current Mrs. Thompson until 1996. Jeri Kehn Thompson is no home wrecker. I find it reprehensible that people like Susan Saulny (who wrote the initial NY Times piece designating Mrs. Thompson as a "trophy wife") and Susan Estrich would put so much credence into his wife instead of him. As Marcie notes appropriately, Jeri Kehn Thompson isn't running for president. Fred Thompson is, and I could care less who he is married to.

The only things that should concern voters is who Fred Thompson is, what he stands for, what ideas he has for this nation should he be elected president, and who he takes as a running mate. His wife, while beautiful, intelligent, and successful in her own right, matters little to the campaign.

Susan Estrich should be ashamed of herself. While I respect her for her views regarding women's rights (though I disagree on many of her issues), this goes outside that realm. It is her opinion that women will hold Fred Thompson with contempt because of his wife. That point is unfounded, completely, and represents the view of a partisan, sour, sullen, jaundiced woman with little to pick on than another woman's looks with regard to her current husband.

Sabrina McKinney


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