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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another departure from the White House

Unlike Rove's and Gonzales' departures, we knew Tony Snow was leaving back on 15 August when Hugh asked him about during an interview. His reason for leaving? Money. The questions about his cancer have been put to the side. He said his decision had nothing to do with the cancer, and more to do with the fact that he doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of money doing the press secretary gig.

Some believe that he got sick of "spinning Bush's crap." That could be an unstated reason for leaving, though Tony Snow hasn't said an unpleasant thing about being the White House's press secretary (aside from the money angle), and he's said he enjoys sparring with the press corps. Over at Ace of Spades, DrewM is hip to his replacement. And honestly, can you blame him? Come on, I'm only three months older than Dana Perino. She's smart, talented, experienced, and not to mention that she's easy on the eyes. (I'm betting that a lot more guys will tune into her press briefings for the looks alone, though I'd like to see if she can spar as well as Ari Fleischer and Tony Snow did.)

His resignation is effective as of 14 September. That means he'll be holding the line against the rabidly partisan dogs in the press corps after General Petreus gives his report. Mark my words, those will be press briefings well worth watching. If nothing else, Tony will go out with a bang.

Aside from Rove leaving, the departure of Tony Snow is one we were not happy to hear about. We had hoped he's stay for the long haul. All we can say, now that it's official, is good luck and God speed in whatever endeavor he chooses to go into next.

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