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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bob Schieffer is a moron

Allah has the video,/li> where Schieffer basically says that the base dislikes John McCain because of the war. I shake my head when I hear the idiots int he media try to drive this point home, especially when they can't find the house to park the car.

John McCain's pitiful support from the GOP base has nothing to do with the war.

The GOP didn't lose in 2006 over the war.

John McCain's woes come from the number of times he turned his back on his party, flipped the base the bird, and went "maverick." This applies to his stance on the Shamnesty bill. This goes for his nutty ideas that tax cuts for the middle class, long considered the burden bearers of taxation, were the wrong idea. And no one will ever forget the fact he stabbed his party in the back over the Gang of 14. John McCain isn't done in this race because of the war. He's done because he ticked off the base so badly they're not willing to give him another shot.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. We're not giving him a third chance to screw us again.

Likewise, the war had little to do with the 2006 midterms. The Republicans lost in 2006 because they acted more like Democrats than Democrats ever had. "Big government conservatism" is not the conservatism the base embraces. They want Reagan conservatism: smaller government, a strong military, fiscal responsibility, and the government out of the little guy's life. Unfortunately, the Republicans blew it with twelve years in power. The base was fed up, and realigned the field.

Truth be told, there'll be even more such realigning in 2008 on BOTH sides of the aisle if the Congress doesn't pull it's collective head out of it's collective rear. Voters -- both Democrat and Republican -- aren't pleased with the antics of Congress. It's a veritable comedy of errors run by a team of old guard monkeys that have spent too long in Washington, DC that they can't relate to the little guy anymore. And frankly speaking, the little guy is pi$$ed right now.

But the media wants to push the idea that the war is the end-all, be-all issue for the nation right now, and that's why the nation isn't happy. That's not even close. Yes, many people would like to see the war end, but they're not willing to do so if it means that we lose this war. They understand the repercussions from such a move, and they're not going to support a withdrawal if our enemy is going to take it as a sign of weakness and strike us again with impunity.

Time for fools like Bob Schieffer to wake up and smell the coffee, or shut the hell up.

Publius II


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