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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Distasteful Advertising

I remember seeing a blip on a blog about this yesterday, but we were so busy keeping up with other stories, it ended up getting lost in the shuffle. This billboard, highlighted by K-Lo @ NRO's Corner reads as follows:

"Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose."

Behind the caption is a coat hanger.

The billboard is for Manhattan Mini Storage, a storage facility in New York. The storage facility has obviously decided to try some new advertising gimmicks, such as this one, highlighted by The Broken Chair blog. It is clear that the owners and their advertisers have an ideological bend, and that is fine. Wear your heart on your sleeve if you like.

What I find appalling is the billboard. It is done without taste or tact, and the fact that it compares your storage woes to abortion, and has the hanger in the background is simply disgusting. No wonder why more than a few New Yorkers were upset about seeing that billboard yesterday.

I would be, too. But to each their own; they paid for the space, and it is not like the city of New York is going to demand it be pulled down.


ADDENDUM: 1:27 PM, AZ Time -- Michelle Malkin has photos of the ads and commentary on the newest one.


Blogger Ed Z said...

Thanks for the link to my story.

It is unfortunate that a storage company sees fit to inject political opinion into their ads, but such is the way of the world now.

While some NYers were appalled, the company is just preaching to choir here, as many people cheered the message.

August 18, 2007 at 5:54 PM  

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