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Monday, September 10, 2007

Memo to Congress -- Our enemy doesn't want peace with the West

On this day, of all days, I'm reminded of the incompetence of the Congress. Maybe "incompetent" is too strong a word. Maybe it's delusional on their part. But the simple fact remains that al Qaeda doesn't want peace with us. No amount of negotiations, no amount of capitulation (save our complete surrender) will slack their thirst for revenge over some unknown slight.

They attacked us, six years ago starting int he early morning hours. They targeted innocent civilians. You can take the Ward Churchill route, and claim that those killed were anything but innocent. (Go nutter if you want even though you're wrong, but it's your right to speak that way if you so choose.) But the fact remains that those people did nothing to warrant the deaths they endured.

We responded with like force. We swept into Afghanistan, and deposed the Taliban. We scattered al Qaeda to the furthest reaches of the territory they claimed as their own. North Africa in Chad, Egypt, Algeria, and Chad. They tried to make inroads with past allies like Iraq, and new allies like Iran. They hid within the so-called "safe" confines of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. And from those nations, they dug in and prepared for the Western powers to come after them. We're seeing it today in Iraq. Argue whether or not we should have invaded Iraq, and I'm sure the debate will last many years amongst scholars, but the fact remains that Iraq is the main battlefield we are engaging al Qaeda on right now.

Iraq is doing what it can to bring itself into the world of self-sustaining, freedom-loving democracies. General Petreus should be owed an incalculable amount of gratitude for his intelligent and tenacious strategy. It's working, despite what the monkeys in Congress proclaim. Today, Barbara Boxer didn't question him during his hearing. she grabbed the soapbox that Lantos, Sanchez, and Wexler used yesterday -- the same one John Kerry used today to lament the non-existent similarities to Vietnam that Iraq shares (you know he served there, right?) -- and lectured the general. She lectured him about how he was optimistic in 2004 and 2005, and how she felt betrayed by his word.

Memo to Barbara Boxer -- war rarely goes as it's planned. As a matter of fact, make that a memo to all the nutter Democrats in Congress slandering a good man. The best laid plans in war always go to Hell. We live in the real world. We have hopes that the strategy will work, and that our troops will come home as soon as is humanly possible. But sometimes we run into snags. And what do we do when those problems arise?

We adapt. We overcome. We improvise. We do what we must to win. And we're doing what we can to win. We're not giving up. At a time where the Democrats want to retreat from the field of battle, where they want to surrender, General Petreus and our soldiers are showing them that there is hope.

Hope. You know what that is? That's recognizing that we can only do so much. We have to let things play out, and have confidence in the soldiers that are doing the job. If you lack hope and faith in those men, then this war is lost already. Because things aren't working out the way we planned is not a sign that we need to cut and run. The war isn't over. All is not lost. What will be lost is this war should we take the ostrich approach that the Democrats are endorsing.

Our enemy won't go away. They won't stop. On this sixth anniversary, given the attacks thwarted by us and our allies, that should be obvious and simple for simpletons to understand. But they don't because they're not in this to win the war. They're in this to win elections. They're in it to win more power for themselves rather than winning security for the nation. That's what's sick about their pontificating on Capitol Hill over the last two days. It's all about them, and damn the nation for our views that those who wish to hurt us, who wish to kill us, who wish to subjugate us, should be eliminated.

Our enemy understands only one thing -- raw, unadulterated power. They don't recognize negotiations or diplomacy. They scoff at such concepts because they, and their progenitor -- Mohammed -- have never abided by a truce or agreement. They have always turned against those they have made such deals with. The only deal we can offer them is their deaths and their surrender when they have nothing else left to throw at the West.

Publius II


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