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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Around the 'net in five minutes

No, I haven't gone away. My hands, on the other hand, are virtually useless at this point. But I'll not shirk my duties as a blogger. We do have readers that have been patient with this (despite my lack of patience with a certain doctor who will remain nameless, but one that might be lifeless soon if this isn't fixed). You have no idea the amount of typos I go through in a single post right now. Count yourself lucky as I count myself lucky that Blogger has a spell check feature.

I'm going to go back to an old favorite and stand-by to update the site. Similar to that of Professor Reynolds at Instapundit, I'll be posting links to news stories. They cover MSM sources and blogs, so don't get all in a twitter over this. As soon as my hands recover, I'll go back to the usual posts I was doing before this happened.

Allah's got a juicy one today as Ann Coulter's website was hacked. Head on over and see the liberal-sounding letter that was left on her site where she admits -- the hacker admits -- that she's done with her career. I guess when you can't force her to shut up the Left has to resort to underhanded tricks and lying.

Captain Ed observes that the Armenian genocide bill is losing a quite a bit of support on the Democrat side. Good to see some Democrats actually have a brain in their head and they see this threatens the stability of relations with an ally.

Tim Wakefield got rocked last night as the Indians took a commanding three games to one lead in the ALCS. Can you say TRIBE TIME? (Granted, I'd prefer seeing my Cubbies and Yankees there in the end, but I despise the Red Sox, and could care less about the Rockies. So, go Tribe!)

A ton of sponsors got together and created the Ten Question Forum. You ask a video question to the presidential candidates. Those questions are voted on, and the top ten are voted on. Starting 17 November, the candidates are presented the questions and (hopefully) will answer them. Then we decide if the questions were answered. Forget the good ol' days of Q & A with a candidate. This is the wave of the future, baby, and the candidates can no longer hide in their shell from the public. You hear us knockin' yet Senator Clinton?

The WaPo is reporting that Benazir Bhutto is returning to Pakistan in a very public fashion despite the assassination threats and the warning from Musharraf to wait. This is the one person who could possibly help Musharraf keep the Islamofascists in his country at bay. Let's hope it works.

Gabriel at Ace of Spades takes note that the casting for the new Star Trek movie (to be helmed by Alias creator JJ Abrams) is complete. (Let's hope it's better than Mission Impossible Three, which he also directed and subsequently sucked.) IGN has a side-by-side comparison of original cast and new cast (this is a prequel before the original series even took place, supposedly) and the only one who looks remotely like their counterpart is Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura.

Be back later with more news ...

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