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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Michigan, you are cleared for 15 January primary."

Just when we thought the primary calender had settled down, the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the state may move up their primary date to 15 Jan:

Michigan's Jan. 15 presidential primary can go forward, the state Supreme Court decided Wednesday, keeping alive the state's bid to be one of the 2008 campaign's first contests and clearing the way for New Hampshire to finally set its own early date.

New Hampshire law requires the state to hold the nation's first primary, and Secretary of State Bill Gardner has been waiting to see what Michigan would do. Once that was cleared up, he signaled he would announce the New Hampshire date.

Candidates have been campaigning hard in New Hampshire under the assumption that the state would vote on the parties' nominees early in the primary season, as usual.

The Michigan high court's decision should allow that state's Republican and Democratic parties to take part in the Jan. 15 primary. Both have already filed letters with the state saying that's their plan.

However, by holding its primary so early — in violation of the national parties' rules — Michigan stands to lose half of its delegates to the Republican National Convention, reducing the number to 30, and all of its 156 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

The national parties have imposed similar penalties on other states as party leaders have struggled to regain control of a chaotic nominating calendar.
If Michigan has its primary on Jan. 15, that would put it behind only Iowa's caucuses on Jan. 3, Wyoming's caucuses on Jan. 5 and — according to many expectations — New Hampshire's primary on Jan. 8. ...

This is a move that is advantageous to Mitt Romney. Despite the bitter battle going on between him and Rudy right now, it is likely that he will take Michigan in the primaries. Furthermore, it helps set the stage for who the nominee will be. Yes, many states are waiting, but a good deal of the primaries for both parties are being held early this year. It ensures that the general election candidates will be virtually set by the first week of March.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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November 22, 2007 at 11:51 AM  

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