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Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Issue Up!!

It's the 16th and that means the new issue of Common Conservative has hit the 'Net, and is awaiting your eager eyes. (Yes I realize that this should have been up last night. Don't blame me, blame Blogger. It wouldn't recognize my log-in last night, which is why this is up today and no other posts will follow it.)

The Chief kicks off our new issue with a simple question -- "Is the right man for the job a woman?" (And yes, he's talking about Hillary, not Edwards.)

Patrick Shanahan takes note of the fact that the media has decided not to report on any further progress in Iraq. (Too bad people know enough not to listen to the MSM, huh?)

Larry Simoneaux brings up misplaced "zero tolerance" policies in schools. (Here's an idea, why don't we have a zero tolerance policy for miserably failing teachers, instead?)

And Marcie and I discuss how the GOP race for the presidential nomination has sincerely become a two-man race. (And here's a chuckle for readers -- I specifically stated in our piece that Ron Paul-bearers need not e-mail with their thoughts because they won't listen. Gee, guess who's taking up space in our e-mail box today?)

Doug Patton starts off our guests this issue with his piece on Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, and that fact that this endorsement really is a non-issue.

Carey Roberts skewers Hillary Clinton on her gender politics. (Coming from a woman, this should carry more weight than Hillary's water-carriers making excuses.)

John Lillpop pulls no punches when he takes on Obama's problem with people over sixty -- even if they are a woman -- and points that's much more preferred than a wet-behind-the-ears freshman senator who thinks he knows everything.

J.J. Jackson brings up a point that seems to have been lost in recent years, and that's the "American'ts" in the government; the cushy bureaucrat that gets asked to do a job, and all they can do is kvetch about being told to work. (Hint: Most of these yay-hoos are found in Congress or the State Department.)

Gary Davis takes on the "Goracle" machine by comparing it to a similar person from Russia's past who did much the same thing Gore's doing now, only worse.

And I have a little guest piece where I attempt to explain what it means to stay on point, especially if you're writing a book; a point Ann Coulter apparently missed in her newest book.

Enjoy Reading!!

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