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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Liberal columnist demands her own space ...

... (Read: She wants an echo chamber). David Thompson takes note of the whine (someone call the WAAAAHmbulance!), and Ace at Ace of Spades gets the hat-tip. Here's what the poor little soul from the Guardian has to say:

“I’m a little bit tired of spending so much of my time defending the most basic principles of what I stand for. It serves to distract. What I need is a safer space where I don’t lose so much energy justifying why social and environmental justice are worth spending a lot of society’s money on. What I want is a space where these ideas are a given and the debate is about how best to actualize them…”

Wah! Wah! Wah! I want an echo chamber and I can't find one. I'm always getting questioned by critics and I wish they'd just shut up and accept what I say as "gospel truth!"

Welcome to the real world, lady. Welcome to the 'Sphere. We're not an echo chamber. Those who blog take with that job the fact that not EVERYONE is going to agree with you. Trust us, we know this very well. We have our fair share of critics (thanks for the "fan mail;" we know you love us, too), and we have more than our fair share of supporters.

Part of sharing commentary and opinion is the basic knowledge that not everyone is going to share your notions. (Case in point, a recent disagreement/discussion that Marcie and I had over the issue of torture. To sum it up, we do disagree on the issue, but we still love each other, and no, there will be no divorce over this.)

If the self-esteem needy crowd needs reassurance and reinforcement in their lives, they're in the wrong damn business. Suck it up, and if you present an argument, you'd better have your facts ready for when the contention of critics come rolling in. We do. We don't write anything -- be it here on the site or in our columns -- that isn't backed up with research and facts. Do we still get those who take issue with us? Of course we do. No amount of facts can help you when you're having an argument about opinions. Both sides bring their own weapons to the fight, and it's left up to the onlookers to determine who's right.

Journalists have had free reign for many years. With the advent of the alternative media, which includes not only talk radio but the 'Sphere as well, they no longer have the free license to lie and deceive. Now, like little Zohra here, they're whining.

If you can't take the heat, if you can't do the job, then get out of the kitchen and let the professionals deal with the issues and commentary. At least we can stand the criticism without whining about it.

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