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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Georgia blues for Cynthia McKinney

Yeah, it's a bluesy kind of day in the news, but this one should lift our spirits. Since Crazy Cynthia McKinney decided to head out to California to seek a Green Party nomination for president, her former Georgia constituents and colleagues have decided to correct a mistake made years ago. (Let this be a lesson to Bobby Byrd):

Former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney has pulled up stakes and moved to California, where she is considering a Green Party run for president. Now some Georgians want to erase a constant reminder that she ever lived in the Peach State.

A 20 mile stretch of I-285 — a main thoroughfare that connects downtown Atlanta to the suburb of Stone Mountain — was renamed the Cynthia McKinney Parkway in 2000 after the congresswoman secured $14 million in federal funding for DeKalb County to upgrade what was then called Memorial Drive.

Georgia House Rep. Mike Jacobs is supporting a state resolution proposed last year that calls for the parkway to revert to its original name.

“If had I had to pick any road in the state of Georgia to strip the name from, this would be it,” said Jacobs, who represents part of DeKalb County. “The original name of the road is Memorial Drive, which is named for the men and women who died protecting our freedom.

"Who’s more deserving? I think the question answers itself.… [And] in light of the fact that her commitment to the state of Georgia is nil, we should re-double our efforts to remove her name from a state road.”

Here, here. Why would anyone in their right mind want to rename a stretch of highway for this woman. Not only was she ineffectual as a representative for the State of Georgia, she was an out-and-out embarrassment. Her consistent antics involving DC police, especially throwing the race card down every time she got caught doing something wrong, shows exactly where she stands. she didn't give a rat's behind about the people of Georgia. She just wanted to keep her seat warm in the House so she'd never really have to work again, unless it was to be a crow for the Democrats.

Additionally, here is what residents think about it, just to cut off critics of the move before they jump to conclusions that this is partisan payback:

For some, simply driving past the sign is a bitter reminder of all the controversy that surrounded McKinney's terms in Congress.

“Every time I look at it, I think, what are we honoring her for?” said Ed Allen, a resident of Decatur in DeKalb County, who passes by the sign several times a month.

“If they wanted to honor her for being the first black congresswoman in the state, that’s fine. But did she distinguish herself while she was there, representing Georgia? I don’t think she necessarily did.

"And with her leaving, I can’t believe the sign is still there.”

Many residents say they still refer to the road as Memorial Drive. “We have enough problems in Atlanta with the same street and two different names,” said Cre Seachrist, a Pine Lake resident who works in downtown Atlanta. “I don’t know anybody who calls it Cynthia McKinney Parkway, anyway.”

Sounds to me like the people of Georgia are pretty happy she's gone, and they'd like to remove any reminders of the embarrassment that was Cynthia McKinney from the state.

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