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Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Issue Up!!!

No, I'm not slow. Yes, I'm late with this, however I can't be held accountable for technological problems. Now that those are solved it's time to remind readers that the newest issue of Common Conservative is up, and awaiting your visit to read the fine conservative minds there.

First off, the Chief starts us off with another fine piece on Hillary Clinton and her "god" complex. (I'd say goddess, but I wouldn't be doing my part to pi$$ off the heathen Left then, now would I?)

Patrick Shanahan just blows away the myth that there is a voting bloc in the GOP called "The Christian Right," and the overall influence the Left and the media claim they have. (Yes, let's ask Mike Huckabee how those Christian fundamentalists are doing in this election.)

Larry Simoneaux reminds us all that the simplest things are the best gifts at Christmas time. (Too bad society has the "buy, buy, buy" mentality of their childhood still, ain't it?)

Marcie and I tackle the Second Amendment case that the Supreme Court will likely hear next March, and we throw a twist into how we'd argue it if we were allowed to. (Granted, the piece doesn't take up the 30 minutes that each side allows, but it is a broadside to the anti-gun arguments, and it relies completely on literal original intent.)

The Chief kicks off the guest articles with a review of a new book that lays out a roadmap how to become energy independent.

Jeff Lukens talks about how to hit Iran where it really counts. (Don't worry folks, we're going to see a lot of these columns. We ought to know. We have done two ourselves, in addition to numerous blog posts about the subject.)

Jack Ward tackles the question of Hillary's "35 years of experience," and asks -- seriously -- what are her qualifications?

Jim Kouri hits feminists and Congress where it really hurts (the truth, anyone) about the politics of pandering to special interests.

Warner Todd Huston wonders how the Hollywood writer's strike is all Rush Limbaugh's fault. (Whew! Finally something that isn't blamed on Bush!)

John Lillpop provides a valuable service to liberals: A 12-step program for recovering liberals during the holiday season. (Here's a suggestion -- eat lots of turkey, and wake us up after the first of January, guys, OK?)

There's your subjects and authors for this issue. Y'all have fun reading!

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