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Thursday, December 27, 2007

No More Questions

Hillary Clinton has decided that she does not want to take any further questions at campaign stops in Iowa. This does not bode well for her, or her appalling poll numbers. Seen as arrogant, secretive, and impertinent at times, her refusal to answer questions is not sitting well with voters:

As she races through Iowa in the days before next week's caucuses, Hillary Clinton is taking few chances. She tells crowds that it’s their turn to “pick a president,’’ but over the last two days she has not invited them to ask her any questions.

Before the brief Christmas break, the New York senator had been setting aside time after campaign speeches to hear from the audience. Now when she’s done speaking, her theme songs blare from loudspeakers, preventing any kind of public Q&A.

She was no more inviting when a television reporter approached her after a rally on Thursday and asked if she was “moved’’ by Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Clinton turned away without answering.

Her daughter, Chelsea, had the same reaction when a reporter approached her with a question.

Hillary Clinton’s no-question policy didn’t sit well with some of the Iowans who came to see her speak.

“I was a little bit underwhelmed,’’ said Doug Rohde, 46, as he left her a rally in a fire station in Denison. “The message was very generic -- and no questions.’’

Clinton campaign officials said that she may take questions in the coming days. But her focus is on seeing as many voters as possible before the caucuses next Thursday -- and spotlighting the messages she wants to deliver.

Spokespeople for her two main rivals in the Hawkeye State -– John Edwards and Barack Obama -– said the candidates would continue fielding questions as they troll for support.

With Edwards and Obama nipping at her heels this was the wrong time for her to play the "shut up" game. She needs to be open and honest with Iowa voters, and they do tend to get turned off by this sort of strategy. Truth be told, she is literally cutting off her nose to spite her face. And in our honest opinion this strategy seems to stem from the gaffes she has made, and the scrutiny the press is now placing on her.

The arrogance that I noted above comes in her general attitude. Since the primary campaigns began, she has acted as though she is owed the nomination.

Arrogance does not become candidates. No one on the GOP side seems to think they "deserve" the nomination (with the possible exception of John McCain). But the way Senator Clinton is acting, the haughtiness is clearly showing through, and her veiled conceit and distrust of the voters will eventually lead to her undoing in the primary states should she continue with this strategy.



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