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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sarkozy Suspends Syrian Relations; US Congressmen Meet With Thug

Nicolas Sarkozy obviously sees the threat that Syria is, and has severed ties to Damascus:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Sunday that his country will hold no more discussions with Syria until Damascus shows its willingness to let Lebanon elect a new president.

Lebanon's Western-backed government and pro-Syrian opposition have been unable to overcome their disagreements to follow through with the election, and many Western countries have accused Damascus of interfering in the process - a claim Syria denies.

"I will not have any more contact with the Syrians until... we have received proof of Syria's intention to let Lebanon designate a president of consensus," said Sarkozy at a press conference in Cairo after meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

President Sarkozy seems to understand the continued interference that Syria has in Lebanese matters. In addition to supplying Hezbollah in southern Lebanon (allowing Hezbollah to not only continue its stranglehold in the south, but to also continue attacking Israel), and including the several high-profile assassinations of ministers and government officials that are anti-Syria, Assad has shown that he could really care less what the world thinks. We know he clearly does not care about Lebanon; a nation which demanded independence from Syria during the now-famous "Cedar Revolution" in February of 2005.

It is pleasing to see that President Sarkozy will not tolerate Syria's continuous interference in Lebanese affairs. If only the United Nations were as competent to understand that if nothing is done to Syria, be it sanctions or tougher measures, they will continue to act as Iran is with regard to Iraq towards Lebanon.

Of course this is lost on our Congress over here. As Captain Ed observes our people in Congress seem willing to cuddle up to just about any dictator. After Nancy Pelosi's escapades in Damascus earlier this year, Arlen Specter and Patrick Kennedy decided to have a sit down with Assad. After all, they were supposed to meet with Benazir Bhutto on the day she was assassinated, but I guess they did not wish to waste the whole trip, and swung by Syria:

A pair of U.S. lawmakers visited the Syrian capital on Sunday in an attempt to persuade the Arab state to make peace with Israel and woo it from the Iranian sphere of influence.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) visited Syria after a trip to neighboring Israel, which gave its blessing to the lawmakers' mediation effort. Israel and Syria have been in a state of war for decades despite occasional diplomatic forays between the two nations.

Israel hopes to draw the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad out of its alliances with Iran, the Lebanese Shiite Muslim militia Hezbollah and the militant Palestinian group Hamas, all of which oppose the Jewish state.Specter said he hoped U.S. intervention would revive a dormant dialogue between Syria and Israel.

"The time is right now, and prospects are very good," Specter told reporters Sunday on his 16th visit to Syria since 1984. "The parties will continue talks through intermediaries, and it's my hope and expectation at some point, if preliminary progress has been made, the U.S. government would be ready too.

"Still, Syrian officials voiced doubt that much would come out of the mediation effort as long as there is no movement on the issue of the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East War.

The time is right? That is rich, and it speaks volumes to the intelligence of Arlen Specter. We have had enough of this RINO and his pandering ways. Sen. Specter believes that the time is right to negotiate with a terrorist-supporting nation. Syria still has clear-cut ties to Hezbollah which continues to fire rockets into Israel to this day, despite the cease-fire, and despite the UN peacekeepers sent into southern Lebanon to prevent such attacks from continuing. We see how great of a job the peacekeepers have done. We also see that neither senator wants to hold Syria accountable.

They want Israel to make peace with Syria. Syria wants the Golan Heights back. Israel ought to up the stakes and tell Assad that as long as rockets continue to fall on Israeli cities from the guerrillas that he backs, there will be no peace. And instead of flying to the thug's country to offer concessions, maybe Specter and Kennedy should have informed Assad that we were cutting off foreign aid to him. But we know that would never fly. Both men enjoy pandering to evil people far too much. They have been on the side of negotiating with Iran in Iraq. Congressmen, ladies and gentlemen, seem completely incapable of recognizing evil for what it is.

We both agree that the president should inform those in Congress that meeting directly with other heads of state and negotiating without permission on behalf of the United States is a violation of the Logan Act. As it should have been done with Nancy Pelosi returned home, were I president, both of these men would be arrested at the airport, and face being charged under the act that strictly forbids anyone from negotiating with a foreign power without express permission from the executive.



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