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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The speech heard 'round the nation

Bravo, Governor Romney, you hit a home run. The speech was picture perfect, delivered with eloquence, poise, and passion. There are numerous pundits that are commenting on the speech, and all I can think to add is that if people thought this speech was a dud, then you obviously weren't listening to carefully to it. He nailed the point on the head perfectly. The focus of the speech wasn't just faith in America, which was it's title, but it focused on religious liberty int he nation and the fact that our Founding Fathers demanded this for the nation more than anything. It was one of the driving points that brought the Founders to America -- the ability to worship as they chose, to whichever church they subscribed, without interference from the government.

We achieved that, and we still have that. It's not going away, despite the thinking of the ACLU and their minions. Governor Romney made it painfully obvious that while his faith does differ from the majority of the nation, it changes nothing. He will govern, if elected, based on the morals he has learned from his faith and his family. He's not going to apologize for it, and he's not backing away from it. He also emphasized that if elected, the oath that matters to him is the one he will take during the inauguration.

We're disappointed that this speech even had to be given. It shouldn't have. It is only because of a handful of religious bigots that Governor Romney felt the need to make this speech. He didn't criticize his critics, but rather he reminded and instructed them that what they're doing is improper. He assured them that they had no fears in his potential presidency. But it doesn't change the fact it shouldn't have been given, and it doesn't alter our disappointment int he few nutters who simply can't get over their prejudices.

If you were among those that missed the speech, you can read it here.

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