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Saturday, January 26, 2008

John McCain -- Sure I'd sign my immigration bill as president

This one will be short, sweet, and to the point. Over at Hot Air Allah has the video of McCain saying he'd sign his own legislation authored by him, Teddy Kennedy, and the other wingnuts who cobbled together shamnesty last year.

McCain is a shameless opportunist that still doesn't like the fact that we Americans stopped his precious bill. He's pandered to the voters stating that he'd stand for enforcement first, but he doesn't believe in that. He's already admitted that he hasn't changed his position on amnesty and you can bet that if he wins the nomination (which he won't) that he'd keep the pandering game going right up until he was inaugurated.

Once he has the presidency you can bet that he'll run the jam down again, and woe unto those that stand in Captain Queeg's way. Bear this in mind: It was talk radio who revealed the details of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill, and John McCain hasn't forgotten about that. I'd be willing to bet that he would institute the Fairness Doctrine ahead of trying amnesty again in an effort to keep talk radio from handing him another loss. It's a reasonable assumption given how hostile he seems to be with the idea of free speech.

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