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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A trip down memory lane

HT to Ace at Ace of Spades for this one:

While many conservatives are down on Bush and haven't been true supporters for some time, The Anchoress reminds us of his many virtues and accomplishments in a long, thoughtful essay.

It's fair to note the many ways in which he's failed us. And we do this frequently. But it's also fair to remember the ways in which he's done good, not just for us conservatives, but for the country and indeed the whole ungrateful world.

The essay is entitled "Bush rescues his own SS agent," and opens with that video. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you go there and view it. In a foreign land, he was separated from one of his agents, detained at a doorway, but foreign security officials and protesters outside. The president does an about face when he realizes the agent isn't there, goes back into the crowd, and drags him through the doorway. I recall when this happened. I believe Marcie actually blogged on it at our old site, though I can't seem to find it there (problems with error pages; I guess Blogger's having a problem with our old site).

Regardless, their is also another video of the president throwing a perfect strike at the opening game of the of the World Series in New York City, all while wearing body armor that is anything but comfortable.

The essay is long, yes, but it's well worth reading. We always tend to bring up the things we disagree with when it comes to the president. But that's the way news goes. It's nice to see someone actually remind people that he's been a good president, for the most part, for this nation. Honestly, I can't see how history scholars wouldn't give him a favorable view twenty years down the road.

But please, give it a read. I think you'll recall many of the events that she cites. It's definitely, as Ace points out, a timely and appropo trip down memory lane.

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