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Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese spy ring rolled up

We have known for quite some time that while China may be a trade partner, they are hardly an ally. At times, the alliances we've forged with them have been politically expedient, such as the case of North Korea, but we know that China would love to see our downfall. Today Bill Gertz reports on another spy ring nailed by the feds:

The FBI and Air Force today arrested several people involved in the illegal transfer of trade secrets to China, according to U.S. government officials.

Three people were arrested in Virginia this morning as part of the three-state sweep, including one U.S. government official. The suspects will be arraigned later on espionage-related charges, said officials familiar with the investigation.

Other arrests took place in Louisiana and California.

The case involves the illegal transfer to China of Boeing Corp. trade secrets related to the Space Shuttle.

The investigation grew out of the Chi Mak and family Chinese spy case uncovered in 2006, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

That case involved the transfer to China of military technology related to U.S. Navy warships and submarines.

The case is expected to lead to a further curtailing of U.S.-China space cooperation, which was halted temporarily last year after China carried out an anti-satellite weapon test that left thousands of pieces of debris in low earth orbit.

Sure, we can do business with these guys. We can even count on them to help us with problems in their region, provided that such a union benefits them. But when it comes to how dangerous the chinese are, we must always maintain a posture of distrust. The Chinese aren't going to stop trying to steal vital technology from us. Hell, they practically bought technology from us during the Clinton years; a subject that Mr. Gertz is more than familiar with.

While we'd all like to see a happy-go-lucky, kumbayah world, that's not going to happen, and China will still be an enemy of this nation. It's time to start watching their attaches and officials that come here. They're job is to push better relations with the US while undermining our security and stealing our technology.

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