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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A couple pieces of quick commentary

There are a couple of things I'd like to address off the bat today. The first one is the NY Times utterly idiotic story yesterday question the eligibility of John McCain when it came to his candidacy. They brought up the fact that he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, and asked if he was really an American citizen.

For the record, and I hope both Bill Keller and Carl Hulse are paying attention, the Panama Canal Zone -- at the time of his birth -- was sovereign US soil. In 1953 Congress passed a law that granted US citizenship to anyone born in the Zone and had at least one parent who was a US citizen. (Title 8, Section 1403) So the idea that he isn't a citizen is obtuse, at best, and woefully ignorant, at worst. Mr. Hulse would have been better off inquiring with the FEC about John McCain's eligibility. After all, they would have told him if he was unable to run. Furthermore, this question was answered back in 1999 when he began mulling his first run for the presidency. And finally, Mr. Hulse claimed their were "queries" about this subject. Apparently he was the only one who had such worries, as in his piece no one questioned it. They all basically stated that this was something to look into (which just goes to show the stupidity of a few).

Secondly, yesterday Drudge broke a story about Prince Harry in Afghanistan. The story focused on what he had done there, the operations he'd participated on, and his unit. Specific information was given out, which put his life at risk.

Now, while Drudge may be the "grand-daddy" of the alternative media, he is really no better than a MSM source. He grabs headlines -- be they real news or tabloid -- and runs with them. He patted himself on the back for the scoop, but the Brits had specifically asked that the press stay away from him, and not report on his activities. Doing so not only puts his life in danger, but the lives of the men in his unit. I guess that didn't bother Drudge much.

Today it's being reported that Harry will be pulled out of Afghanistan immediately. Yesterday, British defense officials were mulling it over, and said they'd speak with theater commanders. As he had only a few weeks to go in his deployment anyway, this doesn't look so bad. However the hubris of the press to report on whatever hey want to -- no matter the cost or repercussions -- is positively sickening.

Allahpundit asked in his exit question yesterday whether or not we, in the 'Sphere, would have run with the story, with all it's specificity. Michelle weighed in in the comments, and excoriated Drudge for his audacity. So we know they wouldn't have run with it; preferring to abide by the blackout the Brits had requested. I share those thoughts. If it was the average Joe Schmoe, that's one thing. But we're talking about a member of the Royal Family, and one in which the enemy has decided to ramp up attacks against British troops there because of Harry's presence there.

Way to go, Drudge. You're a real tool.

Publius II


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