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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Does Hillary have anything left?

After the losses she incurred in yesterday's primaries we are sorry to announce that her campaign is on life-support, and isn't expected to last past 28 August when the Democrat National Convention is held in Denver. She has lost eleven straight contests since the events that unfolded on Super Duper Tuesday. Then, at least somewhat, it looked as though this was going to be a dogfight to the convention. That, however, is no longer the case. This is a Muhammed Ali prize fight against a novice, and the fight should have been called a couple rounds ago.

She is wounded, badly. He took a stronghold demographic away from her last night in Wisconsin when he took the greater amount of votes from women and men. While she still makes inroads with senior citizens, she can't possibly hope to win on them alone. Obama leads on virtually every demographic in every contest. His persona is cult-like as he speaks about "hope" and "change" (with litle details, mind you) and she offers nothing but spite and vitriol.

Bil's earlier comments referring to Obama's race was seen as a serious mistake, and one she never has quite recovered from. Truth be told, she might want to engage in some conservative punditocracy oppo-research. We seem to have been able to blunt the supporters chants with demands for specificity on his ideas. A lot of people are geting caught up in his momentum, and that doesn't bode well for Senator Clinton.

Over at Hot Air Allah has a couple of interesting quotes that mesh with this perfectly. The first is from Protein Wisdom:

The schisms that would arise if Clinton won — particularly with respect to black voters and the anti-war Left — would likely be a worse scenario for the Democrats. Nominating Obama, however, may have a depressing effect on Democratic women (and leaners), empower radical elements of the Democratic coalition and leave the Clintons as loose cannons in a general election. There has been much discussion of the first scenario, but almost none of the second, which currently seems the more likely one.

Point being is that if Hilary intends to drag this out to the convention, pull every dirty trick in the book to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida, and continues to try and woo pledged delegates many in the Democrat base aren't going to be happy with her. If she's allowed to break the rules, and get the delegates from Michigan and Florida seated the base might just react in a way she never expected. They might just stay home, disilusioned by the Clinton's political machine, and "win at any and all costs," scorched earth mentality. In this scenario, Howard Dean had better be paying atention.

But as MSNBC points out things do not look good for the Clinton campaign:

“Clinton needs to win 58% of all remaining pledged delegates simply to get the pledged delegate lead back. Forget 2025. And if you assume Obama wins Vermont, Wyoming, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota, then the magic percentage number in the states Clinton wins rises to 65%.”

Forget the proverbial uphill battle. This is Sir Edmund Hilary scaling Everest here. She's facing serious problems, including the resignation of several key people on her staff as the waters get rockier. She can't compete with the charisma Obama exudes to the crowds. Her husband isn't drawing the crowds he used to. Even the media has seemingly turned against her when they used to have a virtual love fest for this woman.

As Ace at Ace of Spades noted, her campaign is "not mostly dead. All dead. Nothing to do now but check the pockets for coins. Derb notes over at NRO that there is a scenario that could possibly unfold in Denver if Hillary continues to push on to the convention. It's one we've noted a couple of times, and it makes perfect sense -- Al Gore.

Yes, the Goracle could come riding in on his white horse to save the Democrat party. But the question is "can he do it?" Can he beat John McCain? He has a beter resume than either Obama or Hillary, and he actually has REAL experience. His global warmaing malarkey has garnered him many supporters within the Democrat ranks, and given the Chicken Little approach the Democrats take with regards to the isue, he could have an amount of supporters to rival Obama's fainting masses.

Of course, it's pure speculation. It's a sincere possibility that a "Draft Gore" movement could occur on a brokered convention floor in Denver. And then again, Obama could just keep punishing her in the primaries which would solidify his position as the new leader of the Democrat grass-roots.

Either way this goes, someone had better contact Bill, and see if Hillary has a "DNR" request in her will. the day is coming where that decision will have to be made.

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