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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Rasmusen poll shows McCain in the cat-bird seat, and the two stooges slipping

And people thought that the drawn out primary for the democrats would be a bad thing. Well, it is for the Democrats, but John McCain is reaping the benefits:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows ongoing volatility in the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Nationally, Hillary Clinton now holds a very slight advantage over Barack Obama, 46% to 44%. For the past week-and-a-half, Obama’s support has been between 44% and 47% every day. Clinton’s support has ranged from 42% to 46%.

Looking ahead to the General Election in November, John McCain continues to lead both potential Democratic opponents. McCain leads Barack Obama 50% to 41% and Hillary Clinton 49% to 42%. New polling shows McCain narrowly behind both Democrats in Nevada while McCain has a solid lead over both in North Carolina. March has been a good month for John McCain. But, a Rasmussen Reports video notes that a good month of March doesn’t get you to the White House, that requires a good day in November.

On Monday, McCain is viewed favorably by 55% of voters nationwide and unfavorably by 42%. Obama’s reviews are 46% favorable and 52% unfavorable. For Clinton, those numbers are 42% favorable, 55% unfavorable.

The Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power Calculator shows Democrats leading in states with 200 Electoral Votes while the GOP has the advantage in states with 189. When “leaners” are added, the Democrats lead 247 to 229. Over the past month, McCain has gained ground in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. He leads both Democrats in Georgia and Arkansas. Both Democrats continue to lead in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and California.

As the Democrats continue to go after each other, as the lies and deceit roll out of both campaigns, John McCain continues to cruise along unabated. He is making his case to the nation, and presenting his platform. As he does this the conservative base that was once openly hostile to his nomination is starting to come around. This was a point we predicted when he secured the delegates to get the nomination. We reminded people that now that our side is set, people will begin to flock to his camp.

Now, this doesn't mean that the whole conservative base will campaign for him. As the Rasmussen report notes up top, March means nothing. He needs the one good day in November, and it's looking a lot like he'll get that.

Hillary's new negatives are the highest they've ever been. Same with Obama. It's either their public fights or the information dug up over the last couple of weeks that is hurting both candidates. What's worse, and many haven't even started looking at this yet, is that the democrat leadership in Congress isn't helping them. They still continue to be feckless; whining that the president is being a big meanie, and not going along with their agenda. Toss in Nancy Pelosi's refusal to vote on the FISA reforms, and you come up with a nation that is just not happy with the democrats right now.

Will that translate into a win for McCain in November, and the GOP maintaining their numbers in Congress? Maybe so. It sure looks like it right now.

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