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Thursday, March 27, 2008

They want out, but don't question their patriotism

Fine, we won't question that. How about their intelligence on the subject of Iraq? The WaPo reported on a number of antiwar Democrats, again making a run at the Congress, and they carry the pledge of withdrawing troops from Iraq:

More than three dozen Democratic congressional candidates banded together yesterday to promise that, if elected, they will push for legislation calling for an immediate drawdown of troops in Iraq that would leave only a security force in place to guard the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Rejecting their party leaders' assertions that economic troubles have become the top issue on voters' minds, leaders of the coalition of 38 House and four Senate candidates pledged to make immediate withdrawal from Iraq the centerpiece of their campaigns.

"The people inside the Beltway don't seem to get how big an issue this is," said Darcy Burner, a repeat candidate who narrowly lost to Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) in 2006.

The group's 36-page plan does not set a specific deadline for when all combat troops must be out of Iraq. "Begin it now, do it as safely as you can and get everyone out," Burner said.

The starkest difference between the group's proposal, dubbed a "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq," and those embraced by many senior Democrats and the party's presidential candidates is that it rejects the idea of leaving U.S. troops on the ground to train Iraqi security forces or engage in anti-terrorism operations. The group instead calls for a dramatic increase in regional diplomacy and the deployment of international peacekeeping forces, if necessary.

One of the signatories, Donna F. Edwards, who bested Rep. Albert R. Wynn in his Prince George's County-centered district in the Democratic primary on Feb. 12, said the candidates are offering "real leadership." She also gave credit to "some in the Congress who are prepared to demonstrate the political will" to end the war, signaling that she disagrees with Democratic leaders who have been thwarted in their legislative efforts to reshape President Bush's Iraq policies.

Let me help Ms. Edwards, and I'll try to use small words so she can understand me. The reason that Democrats have been unable to withdraw troops the sixty-plus times they have tried is because the president vetoes the bill. Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the supermajority to override it. I thought people from Congress were supposed to be smart. It's apparent that she's not, and neither are the rest of the nutters. Of the other candidates mentioned in the piece, aside from Ms. Edwards, none of them have won.

They ran on antiwar platforms before, and it lead to their defeat. And again, this year, they will be defeated again. Anyone care to guess why? Anyone? Bueller?

Gee, the Surge is a good starting point. When the Surge began last year, everybody in Congress with a "D" next to their name claimed it would fail. It didn't. The success is more than we could have hoped for. And things are still going good over there. For the most part, that is. The Iraqi forces are entering a dangerous test of their will, and so is the Iraqi government. Basra has become the face-off point for the Iraqi forces and a resurgent Sadr militia. And Democrats are talking about withdrawals on the eve of this confrontation.

This should send a clear message to America that not only do these people not have a clue about how to fight and win a war, but that, yes, they're unpatriotic. What person in their right mind would withdraw soldiers from mission before the job was done, and pat themselves on the back for being patriotic? The soldier wants to finish the task at hand, not cut and run halfway through because a group of weenie politicos in DC get cold feet.

The antiwar movement is not as big as these nutters believe. If it were, troops would have already been pulled out of Iraq. It is nowhere near the size of the movement from the Vietnam era. Don't fall for these jokers. As a matter of fact, if these yahoos are still in the primary phase of their election, make sure none of them survive to face off against who they're challenging in the general. Maybe then these moonbat peacniks will get the hint and shut the Hell up while the adults handle the situation in Iraq.

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