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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Code Pinkos get a taste of their own medicine

HT to Gateway Pundit and Glenn Reynolds

It seems that the Code Pinkos weren't too pleased to see a counter-protest against them when they arrived in NJ this past Sunday. A number of people stood up to Medea Benjamin's little crowd of kooks, and they told her exactly what they thought of the moonbattery these fools engage in. From the NJ Star Ledger:

Some 18 people from groups that oppose anti-war protests as "anti-American" hoisted signs condemning CODEPINK as supporting terrorism.

"I'm here to support our soldiers," said Beverly Perlson, founder of the group Band of Mothers.

Perlson, whose son served four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, flew in from Chicago to attend the rally in Morris County. She said CODEPINK protesters, who have agitated for the closure of a military recruitment center in Berkeley, Calif., are not just "anti-victory," they are "pro-defeat."

"They want to see us lose. I don't understand this," Perlson said, after a heated exchange with CODEPINK supporters. "I've been referred to as the mother of a terrorist. ... My son isn't a terrorist."

"They are a very virulent anti-American group," Carolyn Van Zorge, of North Bergen, state coordinator for the group Gathering of Eagles, said of CODEPINK, which has regional offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York.

A driver entering the hotel told the protesters, "I feel sorry for you." A protester spat back, "Go to hell!" Another remarked, "Keep driving, communist!"

Seated at a table in the hotel, Medea Benjamin, a San Francisco resident dressed in pink, listened to the list of accusations from protesters outside.

An issue frequently raised by protesters was $650,000 raised by CODEPINK for humanitarian aid in Iraq. Protesters maintain the money made its way to Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah. Benjamin said the donations were used for medicine and goods given to Fallujah refugees, especially women and children.

Of course Benjamin is quoted in the piece stating that Code Pink gets letters from soldiers "all the time" claiming that they agree with them and they want to come home. For the record, I'm sure they do receive letters like that. I'm sure a lot of soldiers would like to come home. War ain't fun, folks, and they miss home just as much as their families miss them. But, they signed on the dotted line, and they knew what they were getting into when they made that decision.

And while there may be a few who believe in Code Pink's protests, the vast majority of soldiers we hear on the radio, read about in milbloggers dispatches, and they we have personally spoken with (when they return home, or in the case of Marcie's brother, while they're still in country) say that they believe in this mission and that they're staying until the job is finished. See, here's what moonbats like Medea Benjamin and the Code Pinkos forget: Soldiers don't like quitting halfway through the fight. They don't like tipping their way on out the door when the bad guys are still running around. In short, they don't like to lose a fight.

That's what Code Pink wants. They want us to lose. They're like the rest of the antiwar troll/moonbat hybrids. They want this nation humbled. They want us defeated, and they're just as invested in defeat as our enemies abroad are invested in trying to defeat our soldiers.

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