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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama's chickens coming home to roost

A lot can happen in 24 hours, and brother did it ever. Yesterday, Jeremiah Wright addressed the NAACP in his typical fashion. We looked at each other when we watched that and said "If a white guy said this ..."; you get the idea. He addressed the National Press Club today, and in that speech he claimed that everything coming down on him right now was "an attack on the black church":

During a question and answer session after his speech, Wright was asked why he waited so long to try to explain himself: "As I said to Bill Moyers -- and he also edited this one out -- because of my mother's advice to me. My mother's advice was being seen all over the -- all over the corporate media channels, and it's a paraphrase of the Book of Proverbs, where it is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. (The media was making a fool out of itself because it knew nothing about our tradition.

"And so I decided to let them make a fool as long as they wanted to and then take the advice of Paul Laurence Dunbar in "'Lias, 'lias, bless de Lawd. Don' you know de day's abroad?" Don't make me come cross this room. I had to come cross the room because they started -- understand, when you talking about my mama, once again, and talking about my faith tradition, once again -- how long do you let somebody talk about your faith tradition before you speak up and say something in defense of -- this was not an attack on Jeremiah Wright. Once again, let me say it again, this was an attack on the black church.

"And I cannot, as a minister of the gospel, allow the significant part of our history -- most African-Americans and most European- Americans, most Hispanic-Americans, half the names I called in my presentation have never heard it because they don't know anything at all about our tradition. And to lift up those -- they did not -- they would have died in vain had I just kept quiet longer and longer and longer and longer.

As I said, this was an attack on the black church. It was not about Obama, McCain, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea; this was about the black church. This was about Barbara Jordan. This was about Fannie Lou Hamer. This was about my grandmama.

Michelle Malkin live-blogged this train wreck, and yes, I emphasize "train wreck." The journalists who participated at the NPC were whooping and applauding right along with the audience there. After reading the live-blog, and after seeing this pap this morning, I'm convinced of two very obvious things:

First, Jeremiah Wright has a screw loose. This speech dealt with anything and everything about black liberation theology which is inherently racist. Now let me say that this sort of theology IS NOT indicative of black churches. Black liberation theology isn't the norm. 99% of black churches are no different from any other church, but Wright, and by extension the man he cited today -- James Cone -- believe that blacks have been kept down by the white man. That idea is preposterous as blacks have just as many chances as anyone else to succeed.

Second, it's quite clear that Jeremiah Wright is going to end up doing serious damage to the Obama campaign. He threw him under the bus in the Moyers interview. I'm not the only one who believes that Wright is setting himself up to hurt Obama. Joe Klein sees it and so does Byron York. Simply put, Obama should have paid for Jeremiah Wright to have a 22 month vacation around the world to keep him out of the limelight.

He is setting himself up to be the next Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. I doubt he'll make himself the butt of everyone's joke like those two do, but he is basically being racist, and he's being given a free pass by the media. CNN practically had an orgasm this morning over this speech before the NPC. They did the same thing yesterday when he addressed the NAACP. To them, he's forcing this nation to have a dialogue on race. The problem is we don't NEED a dialogue on race because it's already been had. It was conducted when we amended the Constitution to enunciate to Jim Crow morons that blacks have just as many rights as white people do.

Jeremiah Wright isn't content with that. He's happy to keep peddling his kooky conspiracy theories. He's more than happy to keep saying that whites are keeping black people down. And, as he stated today, he'll be more than happy to come after Obama if he's elected. He claimed today that in doing so, he'd be coming after the government, not the people of America. And yet, I can't believe that based on the sermons he has preached, and based on these two appearances over the weekend.

For Jeremiah Wright, it's all about race. Obama tried to distance himself from that, but that's not going fly in the minds of voters now. Wright has made it about race, and it will cost Obama a great deal. If I were Barack Obama I'd drop out of this race because Wright's presence is only going to make things worse for him.

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