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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Steyn -- Buy my book, and help Canadians, too

Mark Steyn is running an offer that we encourage readers to partake in. Even if you have his book (as we do), buy another copy (as we just did) to help out the five Canadian bloggers being harassed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The Commission is doing anything and everything to silence those they believe are engaging in "hate speech." Mark faced this himself, and seemed to beat the charges. He's launched "Warman Wednesday." The profits of the book purchases will go to the legal defense of these bloggers:

Richard Warman, member of Stormfront and the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission's all but sole plaintiff, recently embarked on legal action against The National Post and its columnist Jonathan Kay plus five bloggers: Ezra Levant, Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle and Mark and Connie at Free Dominion. All these folks have been important voices in exposing the rot at the CHRC and the improper and corrupt procedures that have developed since Warman began using the Commission as his personal inquisition. Those in favor of rolling back the "human rights" commissions' powers now include the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, PEN Canada, Liberal MP Keith Martin and every major newspaper from the conservatish National Post to the liberal Toronto Star. But these five bloggers were among the first to get the ball rolling and their energy has been critical to the campaign to restore free speech to Canada.

So, in order to support the Freedom Five as they resist Mr Warman's attempt to shut them down, we're holding a special fundraiser until midnight Eastern Time tonight. For the whole of Warman Wednesday, 50 per cent of the purchase price of America Alone - that's to say, our entire profit - will be donated to the legal defense fund for Ezra and co. That's 50 per cent of the purchase price of
America Alone not just in the new paperback edition, but also of the hardback, the CD, the audio cassette and the MP3 version. Better yet, we'll also pass on to our Internet comrades 50 per cent of the purchase price of the America Alone Anniversary Special: you'll get America Alone plus The Face Of The Tiger and the Viva Steyn! T-shirt at one low price, and Ezra, Kate, Kathy and Free Dominion will get half the proceeds.

We're doing this because Ezra and co are fighting to keep America Alone available to Canadian readers, so the fate of my book and the Freedom Five are already yoked together. But Warman Wednesday doesn't stop there: We'll also donate 50 per cent of the proceeds from all the other books we sell today, even Broadway Babies Say Goodnight, which even the Ontario Human Rights Commission has yet to find "flagrantly Islamophobic". And we'll chip in 50 per cent of the proceeds from our T-shirt and mug sales and all the rest. Whatever you buy between now and midnight, half the price goes to keep dissident opinion in the deranged Dominion from being put out of business by the Pieman and his legal muscle. Take a look around, see what tickles your fancy, and do your bit for free speech in a country which could use a lot more of it. And don't forget every book can be personally autographed by Mark to you or your loved one.

If you care about free speech, and believe as we do -- that it is the most fundamental, inherent right that free people possess -- stop on by the Steyn store, and pick something up. and if you haven't read America Alone yet (as Ace foolishly admits; Dude, what were you thinking?) then pick one up and read it today.

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