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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wonder dweeb powers activate

Form of a "king maker;" shape of a, well, um, Navy bilge water. Together, these two nuts are going to provide Hillary the writing on the wall that she won't win the nomination:

DEMOCRAT grandees Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are being lined-up to deliver the coup de grâce to Hillary Clinton and end her campaign to become president.

Falling poll numbers and a string of high-profile blunders have convinced party elders that she must now bow out of the primary race.

Former president Carter and former vice-president Gore have already held high-level discussions about delivering the message that she must stand down for the good of the Democrats.

"They're in discussions," a source close to Carter told Scotland on Sunday. "Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence."

An appeal by both men for Democrats to unite behind Clinton's rival, Barack Obama, would have a powerful effect, and insiders say it is a question of when, rather than if, they act.

Obama has an almost unassailable lead in the battle for nomination delegates, and is closing the gap with Clinton in her last stronghold, Pennsylvania, which votes on April 22.

Clinton remains publicly defiant, insisting she will continue the battle with Obama all the way to the Democratic convention in August – when superdelegates, or party top brass, will have the chance to add their weight to primary votes.

But the party's top brass have concluded her further participation in the race can only harm the party as Republican nominee John McCain strives to take advantage of her increasingly bitter battle with Obama.

Both Carter and Gore occupy the rarefied position of elder statesmen – in addition to their White House past, both are winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, giving them additional gravitas to carry the party with them.

Neither of them is likely to object to the role of bringing down the curtain on Clinton. While neither man has formally endorsed either her or Obama, both have clashed in the past with the Clintons.

OK, I hate to be the bearer of bad news for these guys, but she's not going to leave. Hand her her hat, and show her the door, and they might be on the receiving end of a profanity-laced tirade and veiled threats about her ambitions, and the good of the party. As the old adage goes "Hell hath no wrath like the fury of a woman scorned." Pi$$ her off, and watch her turn Maverick in ways that would make John McCain blush.

Everyone knows that Obama is probably going to end up being the nominee; everyone that is except Hillary. She still thinks she has a chance, and there could be a distinct possibility, given the fact Obama just insulted a bulk of the nation with his comments regarding "bitter" people. His relative inexperience is going to hurt him severely. It's obvious he can't avoid verbal gaffes, or explain WHY he stayed with his church, given his pastor's comments, or why he feels compelled to lie to people regarding his issue positions.

Hillary will have a superb argument in her favor. Will the superdelegates go along? Maybe. Will Gore and Carter be able to stop her if she can sway other superdelegates in her favor? Not bloody likely.

Conservatives rejoice. The Democrat convention in August could pave the way to a crack-up that's been a long time coming. It could split the party, and finally show that elder statesmen like Gore and Carter are as irrelevant as most believed them to be.

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