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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Major" Obama endorsement to come from Edwards

This was talked about earlier today with so many people speculating who it would be. MSNBC confirms that it will come from John Edwards:

NBC News has confirmed that former Sen. John Edwards, who ended his bid for the Democratic nomination earlier this year, will endorse Sen. Barack Obama tonight.

Edwards, who was Sen. John Kerry's running mate in 2004, will be introduced by the Illinois senator at his campaign event tonight in Grand Rapids, Mich.

OK, all at once now -- YAWN. Whoopty-doo. Who cares? We knew this was going to happen. Who else would he endorse, Hillary? He wouldn't be picking up a job from Hillary if she were elected, but there's speculation that Edwards, in an Obama administration, would be his Attorney General. And yes, that shudder up your spine wasn't imagined. It was real. We know because we got it too.

But what does this endorsement bring to the table? According to this Politico piece from 3 May the endorsement doesn't mean much:

For all the speculation surrounding John Edwards’ conspicuous silence on the eve of his home state’s primary, one important fact has been overlooked: According to North Carolina’s political class, the former Democratic presidential contender has virtually no clout at all in his home state.

The former senator and 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, they say, was like a political comet. He seemingly appeared out of nowhere, inspired awe with the intensity of his talent, blazed through a single term in the Senate, then disappeared from the radar almost entirely.

“The guy is truly an exceptional story, but for someone who is so well-known nationally, he has very little standing in the party in this state,” says John Davis, president of the North Carolina Forum for Research and Economic Education (NCFREE), a business-backed organization that conducts political research. “You simply do not hear his name associated with the work in the vineyards and making a difference in terms of fundraisers or endorsements.”

Insiders agree that even if Edwards decided to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, he would have no discernable political organization to fire up on their behalf.

If this is his idea of being one of many people to endorse him in the wake of the West Virginia whooping he took, Obama could have found someone better to come out for him. Edwards comes off as a disingenuous shyster, and an untrustworthy ambulance chaser that didn't catch and hold any fire when he was running in the primaries. Need we remind readers of the little plot he tried to hatch with Hillary about excluding others from future debates because the other candidates weren't "serious" enough for them? John Edwards is a snake, and his endorsement means little to political junkies and pundits.

No doubt the MSM is going to spin this endorsement as "major" or a "huge boost" for Obama, which is bunk. Let little Johnnie have his five minutes of fleeting fame for the history books (barely worth a footnote, in our opinion). He'll put his two cents in, and tomorrow most people will forget that he'll go on a cable network that continually ranks dead last amongst all of them, and with an endorsement that means little in the first place.

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