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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some light housekeeping

I know we pretty much took today off when one, or both of us, actually do a decent amount of blogging. And normally we would but we had a doctor's appointment today, and that's why this will probably be the only post up for today. I figured this would be as good a day as any to do some "housekeeping."

The first subject is McCain's "meeting" with Crist, Jindal, Romney, Graham, and Lieberman this weekend at his home here in AZ. A lot of speculation is running around the 'Net regarding these people and their chance to sew up a spot as McCain's veep. To our knowledge, McCain has denied that he's vetting anyone this weekend. According to his campaign, they've been invited there to share Memorial Day with him and his wife. (Remember that Monday is Memorial Day, so if you happen to come across a soldier or two, thank them for their service.) Personally, the only one in attendance that we feel would be a safe pick for him is Romney. Crist is too moderate, Graham is a "not no but Hell no," and despite our feelings regarding Lieberman, he is likely a deal break as well. While Jindal is a great guy, he was just recently elected governor of Louisiana. He needs time, folks. Let him get his experience before we move onto greener pastures for him in the future.

Our next subject revolves around the earthquake in China. In case you missed some of the stats, here you go: 4000 orphaned, 7000 schools destroyed, and five million homeless. This is the perfect opportunity to show the Chinese how compassionate we are, and given the fact that they're practically begging for help, why not lend a helping hand. If you don't want us in an official capacity providing help, at least donate to Caring for China here where they are accepting online donations for earthquake relief. Remember, this is going to those in need, not the Party in Beijing.

Congrats to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for challenging the idiocy of putting the polar bear on the endangered species list. This was a foolish decision based on inconclusive data from the environmental movement. Oh, and we've also noticed that the Chicken Little crowd has once again changed the term they use when it comes to the climate. It was "global warming." The it changed to "climate change." Now, it's being touted as "climate fluctuations." Yep, we see that everyday here in AZ. Just three days ago, we topped out the thermometer at 111 degrees. Yesterday, a low pressure system moved into the state, bringing rain (yes, AZ does get rain), and we still have a few scattered showers today. The very (common sense) description of "climate fluctuations."

There are rumors that Senator Hillary Clinton may be nearing the end of her run. While we'd like to say we're sad to see her go, it just wouldn't be true. The only thing we'll miss is the chaos of the Democrat primary. But, barring some miracle, Senator Barack Obama will likely be the nominee for the Democrats. If so, it's time for Senator McCain, and his supporters (be they willing or not) to take off the gloves and hammer on the Dali-Bama. Hit him on his issue stances, his relationships (professional ones, guys, not personal ones), and by all means as long as his wife continues to flap her gums, nail her too. (Oh, and there is a rumor that Clinton is pushing Obama to make the veep offer to her, but this has yet to be confirmed by anyone in either camp at the time of this writing aside from this anonymously-cited report in the New York Times which has been refuted by Howard Wolfson.) Oh, and Rasmusson has a new poll out showing that fewer Democrats want her to drop out anyway. So I think it's safe to say she's still in it until August.

That's it for now. Blogging will be light (if any) tomorrow as we do our weekend chores around the house, and continue working on our newest column.

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