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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nancy Pelosi & FARC

Gateway Pundit has a bombshell scoop, aided by this story from the Wall Street Journal:

As to Mr. Chávez, documents captured during a Colombian raid of a guerrilla camp in Ecuador show that, in his role as "mediator" in hostage negotiations since last year, he was advising the rebels as to how to best use their hostages as leverage to advance their revolution.

Last fall, Mr. Chávez and the FARC hatched an audacious plan whereby the Venezuelan would take "proof of life" of Ms. Betancourt to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris, where the plight of Ms. Betancourt was a cause célèbre. The rebels wrote that Mr. Chávez was sure French pressure for negotiations would cause President Bush to "order Uribe to allow the meeting" between Mr. Chávez and the rebels on Colombian soil, something Mr. Uribe had refused to do. The rebels reported that Mr. Chávez was "super-motivated," because he viewed the rendezvous as a public-relations coup that would give him and the FARC "continental and world renown."

That plan flopped, but Mr. Chavez had other cards up his sleeve. One involved Ms. Cordoba, who is currently under investigation by the Colombian attorney general for ties to the FARC. She figures prominently in the captured rebel documents, and is notoriously close to Mr. Chávez.

She met at the Venezuelan presidential palace with FARC leaders last fall. From that meeting the rebels reported that "Piedad says that Chávez has Uribe going crazy. He doesn't know what to do. That Nancy Pelosi helps and is ready to help in the swap [hostages in exchange for captured guerrillas]. That she has designated [U.S. Congressman Jim] McGovern for this."

If the speaker of the House was working with Ms. Cordoba in this scheme, her judgment was more than a little misguided. The rebels write that on a trip to Argentina Ms. Cordoba told them, "It doesn't matter to me the proposal that Sarkozy has made to free Ingrid. Above all, do not liberate Ingrid." In short, why give up such a useful pawn?

Don Surber believes it is time to rein Ms. Pelosi in. She is acting as though she were the president, and she directly interfered in another nation's problem to the point where she almost screwed up the rescue. It is also telling now why the Democrats continue to block the trade agreement on the table with Columbia.

Does Ms. Pelosi understand that she was working in concert someone that is A) under investigation for ties to FARC, and B) someone who seems more loyal to Hugo Chavez than her own government in Columbia? Does she also realize she could face federal prosecution over this? Members of Congress may not engage in any sort of foreign diplomacy unless it is at the behest of the president, and I am pretty sure they still have to go through the State Department.

The bigger question is how soon will this get play in the larger, major MSM outlets. The Journal is nice, and obviously the blogs are on top of it, but will we see this on CNN? Probably not. But we would still like to see her frog-marched out of the House in handcuffs.



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