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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Red Cross Uproar

Last week there was a brouhaha over Colombian soldiers using a Red Cross emblem during the raid to free Ingrid Betancourt. We understand why some pundits had a problem with that, but the press hyperventilated over that but there is nary a peep from the press over this direct misuse of the emblem:

Police in Sierra Leone have arrested three more foreigners in connection with Sunday's record cocaine seizure in the West African country, bringing the total number of arrests to 61.

Police official Francis Munu told reporters Thursday that the three additional suspects were from Venezuela but carried multiple passports.

In total, 11 foreign nationals and 50 Sierra Leoneans have been arrested.

The arrests follow the discovery on Sunday of 600 kilos (1,322 pounds) of cocaine in an airplane bearing a fake Red Cross emblem at Freetown's international Lungi airport.

Police said the plane had come from Venezuela, which is a major source of cocaine shipments destined for Europe.

So where is the press and where are the pundits who threw a hissy fit last week? Yes Colombian soldiers misused the emblem in an effort to help free fifteen hostages. These guys used it to smuggle drugs. So while neither is appropriate we believe the latter is much worse, and there is no telling how often this charade has been used to make this smuggling run.

A tip of the hat to Professor Reynolds and Gateway Pundit.



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