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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Issue Up!!

Yes, it is the 16th which means the newest issue of Common Conservative is up! Personally speaking, I believe this is possibly one of our best issues yet.

(As always this post will remain at the top of the page all day. Scroll down for newesr posts -- and yes there will be more posts today.)

Mr. Lindaman begins this issue with a timely piece regarding oil, and the lies being peddled by the Left.

Mr. Simoneaux gives people my age (yes, I am young) ten tips about life now that they have become adults, and are set to take on the world.

Thomas and I tackle the infamous District of Columbia v. Heller case that the Supreme Court just finished deciding at the end of it's last term.

I begin our guest columns with another piece on the judiciary. Specifically, it is a "thank you" to Justice Kennedy for pushing the question of federal judges into the forefront of this election.

While we may disagree with his suggestion on downsizing the high court Doug Patton is on the same wavelength as we are when it comes to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Lindaman returns with a review of G. A. Freiman's "Current Events, Conservative Outcomes: Predictions for America's Future."

John Lillpop discusses the recent piece of news from Iraq involving 550 metric tons of uranium yellowcake that was discovered there. "But, but, I thought Bush lied?" she snarked.

J.J. Jackson puts this election into a perspective that many of us, I believe, have not taken into account.

Peter Stern finishes off this issue, much the way we started it (call it coming full circle if you wish) with a column about higher gas prices, and what some of the solutions might be to that.

As always, enjoy reading, and remember to scroll down for the newer posts today.



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