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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's Stupidity

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has issued a response to the president's decision to lift the offshore oil drilling ban and the idiocy on display is simply mind-boggling:

"Once again, the oilman in the White House is echoing the demands of Big Oil.

"The Bush plan is a hoax. It will neither reduce gas prices nor increase energy independence. It just gives millions more acres to the same companies that are sitting on nearly 68 million acres of public lands and coastal areas.

"If the President wants to bring down prices in the next two weeks, not the next two decades, he should free our oil by releasing a small portion of the more than 700 million barrels of oil we have put in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

"It's time to tell the oil industry: 'You already have millions of acres to drill. Use it or lose it.'"

First of all, even the announcement that we would begin new drilling will cause the oil prices to drop regardless of how long it would take to get the oil out of the ground. The Democrats need to wake up and realize what many of their representatives in Congress have, and that is that we need to work towards energy independence. Not only is it a question of economic security, but it is also a national security issue. We should not be getting oil from countries that are hostile to us. If they cut us off, we would have to rely on our Strategic Reserves.

Secondly, the acreage currently utilized by the oil industry is drying up. This is why we need to open up new areas for drilling. To do that, we need more exploration. Tell us, Madame Speaker, why it is all right for China and Cuba to drill off our coasts, but it is not all right for us to do that?

Lastly, the idea that we should tap into our Strategic Reserves is nonsensical. Those reserves are there in case we cannot get oil from our regular distributors. To tap into those now could be dangerous should hostilities break out in the broader Middle East. Need she be reminded that Venezuela has a strategic alliance with Iran, and should Iran be attacked (even if it not by us), Iran would be willing to use oil as a weapon, and urge its allies to do the same. Additionally, we need to build new refineries. While this will help us in the short term, and in the long term, we need new refineries. Only one has been slated for construction in the United States -- in South Dakota -- since the 1970s.

Nancy Pelosi is beholden to the environmental lobby for the Democrats, and she is leading her party off of a cliff when it comes to drilling. With oil prices surging over $140 a barrel, and average gas prices hitting $4.50 a gallon, the Democrats are handing John McCain a make-or-break campaign issue that they are extremely weak on. They do not care about the plight of the average American citizen having to deal with this problem. Also, need she be reminded that we would not be in this predicament had President Clinton not vetoed the ANWR drilling bill back in 1996. And, as I discovered this morning thanks to Drew @ AoSHQ the ban on offshore drilling is a year-to-year, renewable one. President Bush should have done this years ago.



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