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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow RIP

No, we're not late to this "party," but the news hit us so hard yesterday that it took us some time to come up with the words to eulogize the man who changed the face of a presidential press secretary. Don't get us wrong about this. Dana Perrino is good, and she's done a commendable job since Tony left the White House, but no one is going to replace Tony Snow. He provided the White House with the right temperament, and he had a banter with the press corps that few press secretaries have had. (This isn't an attempt to downplay Ari Fleischer's yeoman work, but Tony Snow did surpass him on so many levels.)

He had absolute command of the facts despite the AP's classless denial of that truth. (That link is from Newsbusters, not the AP; the boycott still remains in place here at our home.) And, of course, there's The New York Times' pitiful attempt to eulogize him, including screwing up a simple fact. (Memo to the team of fact-checking monkeys at the New York Times -- the president was reelected in 2004, not 2006, and Tony didn't join the White House until 2006 so he hardly participated int he president's reelection campaign in any official capacity.)

Our condolences go out to his wife and three children. We know they are grieving his passing.

Tony Snow will be missed. We hope that he went peacefully and quickly. It's a shame that we have lost so many good conservatives this year. John Miller at NRO's Corner takes note of the big ones this year that have gone onto their eternal reward, and far too soon for most of us out here.

God-speed Tony. Enjoy those thoughtful discussions with William F. Buckley up there. We're sure God will enjoy the respite now that you've gone home, and can take over for him when dealing with Bill.

Publius II


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