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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


When I fist heard this yesterday, I just about fell over laughing my @$$ off. I mean, it's not every day we see that Congress's approval numbers hit single digits. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can brag about bringing Congress to this level -- the first time EVER that Congress has reached these levels:

The percentage of voters who give Congress good or excellent ratings has fallen to single digits for the first time in Rasmussen Reports tracking history. This month, just 9% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Most voters (52%) say Congress is doing a poor job, which ties the record high in that dubious category.

Last month, 11% of voters gave the legislature good or excellent ratings. Congress has not received higher than a 15% approval rating since the beginning of 2008.

The percentage of Democrats who give Congress positive ratings fell from 17% last month to 13% this month. The number of Democrats who give Congress a poor rating remained unchanged. Among Republicans, 8% give Congress good or excellent ratings, up just a point from last month. Sixty-five percent (65%) of GOP voters say Congress is doing a poor job, down a single point from last month.

Voters not affiliated with either party are the most critical of Congressional performance. Just 3% of those voters give Congress positive ratings, down from 6% last month. Sixty-three percent (63%) believe Congress is doing a poor job, up from 57% last month.

Just 12% of voters think Congress has passed any legislation to improve life in this country over the past six months. That number has ranged from 11% to 13% throughout 2008. The majority of voters (62%) say Congress has not passed any legislation to improve life in America.

Voters hold little positive sentiment about the future. Just 41% find it at least somewhat likely that Congress will address important problems facing our nation in the near future, while 55% find this unlikely. ...

Most voters (72%) think most members of Congress are more interested in furthering their own political careers. Just 14% believe members are genuinely interested in helping people.

OK, pardon me for a second while I laugh at the monkeys in Congress that can't seem to do their job. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Thank you, I needed to do that. Nine frelling percent! And people like Pelosi and Reid think that this November think that voters will entrust to them with overwhelming majorities. Um, I think not. The public isn't fooled. And Republicans who sat on their hands in 2006 ought to be ashamed of themselves for their petulant protest vote. Granted, this time around we may actually have a shot at getting decent conservatives in the Congress (Duncan Hunter's son is running for his seat,and he's likely to win it.) But the petty protesters of 2006 have no one to blame for this fiasco but themselves.

No sitting out this year. Screw your precious sensibilities. We have a chance to close the gap significantly in the House, and even though Mitch McConnell thinks that in the Senate we're going to get routed, we still hold out hope that at most we will lose four seats. So while we're out there voting to make sure Barack Obama doesn't win the election, we should also do our level best to ensure the House and Senate keep the numbers close so John McCain will at least have a fighting chance to get a sensible agenda passed.

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