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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Russia Warns US Over Missile Defense System In Europe

The impetuosity of their threat is clear -- rash, undisciplined, and wholly obtuse:

Echoing the bygone Cold War relationship between America and the Soviet Union, Russia's foreign ministry is threatening a military response if America moves forward with installing a missile defense system in the Czech Republic.

A statement from the foreign ministry in Moscow said Russia would be "forced to react not with diplomatic methods but with military-technical methods" if the proposed interceptor missiles are installed near Russia's borders. That statement was in response to a deal inked today between America and the Czechs to begin installing tracking radar and eventually interceptor missiles southwest of Prague.

The Pentagon today tried to calm tensions. Speaking to the Reuters news agency, a spokesman, Bryan Whitman said, "We have been very clear about what the missile defense system in Europe is for. It is not designed to counter a threat from Russia. We've been very clear about the emerging threat in the Middle East that we think could threaten not only the United States but our allies in Europe."

How stupid do the Russians have to be, seriously? The missile defense system is not intended to be a deterrent to Russia, but rather against Iran, and their ability to strike Eastern Europe with their missiles. Their long-range capabilities make the system a necessity in Eastern Europe to protect our allies. We have even offered the technology to Russia for their own defense, but we have been turned down repeatedly.

And what, exactly, do the Russians want us to do? They will not support tougher, more stringent sanctions against Iran. Now to be honest we believe this is rhetorical saber-rattling on Russia's part. They are still trying to show the world that they are still a power to be reckoned with. That is the furthest thing from the truth. That might have been true at the beginning of the Cold War when they developed ICBMs, but now their military is a shadow of its former self.

Russia needs to calm down and understand the reasons why we are doing this, and why nations like Czechoslovakia and Poland want these systems. We are sure that on some level the Czechs and Poles will appreciate the defense system should Russia become hostile again, but the systems installation comes from concern over Iran. Given Iran's missile tests this morning we would say that their concerns are well-founded. And the Czechs are not pleased with Russia's bellicose statements. Deputy prime minister, Alexandr Vondra, was quoted as saying "Russia needs to calm down."




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