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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About that cease-fire ...

Yesterday Russia agreed to a French brokered cease-fire and people breathed a sigh of relief in the hopes that this nightmare was over. But today we read that Russia could care less about keeping their word:

A column of Russian armor and troops moved deeper into Georgian territory on Wednesday in apparent violation of a new cease-fire agreement, according to Georgian officials and eyewitnesses who said the Russian equipment was moving toward the Georgian capital then turned north.

A Western news photographer counted approximately 100 tanks, personnel carriers and other vehicles traveling east from the central Georgian city of Gori toward Tbilisi. They were approximately 12 miles outside of town at the time, with Russian troops waving and appearing "jovial" as they passed, the photographer reported. It is approximately 50 miles between the two cities.

The deep foray into Georgian territory caused a flurry of confusion a day after Russia signed a French-backed peace plan meant to end Moscow's 5-day incursion into the tiny neighboring country.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, appearing on CNN, said the Russians were planning to encircle Tbilisi and "murder" Georgia's fledgling democracy. Georgia's deputy interior minister, however, said at roughly the same time that the Russians were not heading toward the capital.

The agreement that was supposedly reached was that the Georgian military could not go into nor threaten South Ossetia; their military and leaders had to recognize the borders of South Ossetia. There wasn't a recognition of sovereignty over South Ossetia or Abkhazia which the Georgian government believes they do have authority over them. Sarkozy, who brokered this deal, said that while this is a cessation of hostilities, this is hardly the end of hard feelings.

Really Nikolas? Is that why the Russians are advancing towards Gori?

Enough is enough. It's time to send a clear message to Russia. A vote should be held by the G-8 nations to expel Russia from their forum. We also need to apply a bit of pressure to NATO to recognize nations like Georgia's and Ukraine's request for entry. Additionally, we should announce that we are levying diplomatic sanctions on them, and economic sanctions in the form of a termination of any foreign aid they are receiving from us. Furthermore, we need to lift the ban on drilling. Why?

Russia makes a great deal of money by exporting it's oil and natural gas to Europe. If we begin drilling, and we sell our oil to Europe, we could convince them to terminate those agreements with Russia, cutting off the steady supply of money going into Putin's coffers. (Yes, Medvedev is the president, but he's a puppet. Putin's calling the shots.)

Yes, I'm calling for swift, firm action against Russia. It needs to be done. The last thing we want to see is a Germany/Czechoslovakia moment in history. We'd like to avoid this getting any worse, or possibly involving other countries. Furthermore, a stand now might be enough to warn Russia not to make such incursions like this into it's other, former satellite nations.

Talk will not do in this situation. Action will. Including them in NATO would be a step in the right direction. Russia would leave Georgia post-haste to avoid a war with NATO. And with the economic tactics outlined above we would send Putin the message that we're not playing games.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Power is in the Truth!
Who has the Truth, has th Power!

From Russia without Love!

Brother Danila

August 13, 2008 at 11:01 AM  
Anonymous Alex.RU said...

This is the silliest brain-washing propaganda-induced review of the situation I've seen for the last four days of the conflict.
You know well that USA has geo-political interest in that area. It has worked hard and well on making a new Pinochet out of Saakashvili (spending millions of your taxpayers' money, by the way).
You might realize (though I'm not that sure, having read this post) that Russia has it's own interest too. This is not to say that my country (Russia) is a saint. But to keep making the world's biggest scare-crow out it is at least obsolete, if not downright idiotic.
Russia is open for ways to actually resolve the conflict, while USA seem to just do their usual chant: "beware the russian bear! oooo, see those russian tanks! spooky tanks!"
Just a quick google search will tell anyone with the slightest understanding, who was the real aggressor and why all of this happened. Fortunately, there are US people, who are able to do so, and make their own opinion of things. Unfortunately, you are not of that kind, obviously.
But you know what? If there is anything that Russia could not care less about, it's probably what you think of it. We got enough things to do at the moment. Like, accomodating 30 000 refugees from Ossetia, and restoring normal life there.

August 13, 2008 at 1:34 PM  
Blogger Warrior said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

August 13, 2008 at 2:00 PM  

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