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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bayh -- Equating drilling to the dentist's chair

Earlier this morning Marcie touched on the veep rumor regarding Senator Evan Bayh. Today, Senator Bayh intro'd Barack Obama in Indiana, and tried a turn of phrase that was simply asinine in peddling Obama's idiotic idea of rebate checks for fuel costs:

During the primary, Bayh supported Hillary Clinton. On Wednesday, he was a cheerleader for Obama and attacked John McCain's policy on drilling for oil.

"Senator McCain yesterday was saying that his solution to America's energy challenge was to drill, drill drill. Well, that sounded a lot like my dentist to me. Look even Arnold Schwarznegger - the governator - who's known for being a fairly straight shooter, says that drilling alone is not the answer to American's energy challenge," said Bayh.

"We need to give an energy rebate to families to give them some immediate relief. The mother who is having to cut back on groceries because of rising gas prices. The guy I met who couldn't fill up his gas tank to go on a job search, didn't have the money. I've said that we need a $1,000 rebate - energy rebate to provide families a little bit of relief over the next four to six months," Obama said.

First of all, Senator Bayh is incorrect. McCain never said drilling was our only option. But he is correct in stating that we need to drill to help us become energy independent. A couple days ago a commenter on our site derided us for talking about the need to drill, and the fact that drilling will bring down oil prices. I'll address that opinionated person now.

The president lifted the executive ban on offshore drilling last month when oil was topping $140 a barrel. Within two weeks, the price dropped $20, and gas prices started to go down. Imagine if Congress would get off of it's collective backside and lift the congressional ban. If people think the price for oil won't go down, they're fools. It will. Within two years we can begin reaping the benefits of our drilling, and that will greatly drop the price as we put our oil on the open market. Additionally, drilling isn't the only thing that needs to be done. There hasn't been a new refinery built in this nation since the 70's, so that has to be addressed, too.

John McCain has said that drilling is only one part of his solution. He wants to see us get the natural gas out of the reserves we have. He also wants 45 new nuclear plants built by 2030. He wants solar, wind, and hydroelectric power invested in to make us less dependent on oil. But we will always have oil because it's integral in so many things we use daily. Oil is used in plastics, in rubber goods, in wax, and in tar. It's also in necessary lubricants that we use daily.

As for the rebate check, that is simply an asinine idea. It is equivalent to an election year bribe. And the use of the woman who has to cut back on groceries or the man who can't find a job is typical of Democrats. Make them out to be victims, but they won't tell you why. Had Democrats not killed the drilling plans back in '95/'96 we wouldn't be here today. Another thing, for the guy looking for work, if we were doing this right now, he might have a job. Drilling for oil, building new nuclear plants, and building refineries means we'll have jobs for the people who need work. Or did that point not make it into the memo for Obama and Senator Bayh?

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