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Monday, August 4, 2008

David Freddoso presents his case

For the last six years, David Freddoso has covered politics for National Review. Today marks the first day this his new book is out. "The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate" has debuted at the #20 spot on Amazon's bestseller list. Ben Smith of The Politico takes a look at the book:

The first serious negative biography of Senator Barack Obama casts the Democratic nominee as a fake reformer and a real liberal.

“The Case Against Barack Obama,” by National Review’s David Freddoso, blasts Obama for failing to take on the Chicago machine, for listening to “radical advisors,” and for backing “doctrinaire liberal” causes from teachers unions to abortion rights.

It does not, however, compare him to Paris Hilton, or dwell at length on his religion or race – making the substance of “The Case Against Barack Obama” sound a bit unfamiliar amid a campaign cacophony of hyperbolic web ads, alleged race cards, and viral smears.

Freddoso says John McCain’s campaign and Republicans at large are making the wrong case against the Illinois senator.

“I don’t think you beat Obama by saying that he’s Paris Hilton,” said Freddoso, a reporter for the conservative magazine National Review, referring to McCain’s latest advertising campaign. “The more important thing is really to look at is he who he says he is? Is he really this great reformer?”

Freddoso’s book, released today by the conservative publishing house Regnery and provided exclusively to Politico by the publisher, occupies a small island in the often-shrill sea of criticism of Obama. As a range of conservatives suggest that Obama is a closet radical, and as McCain’s campaign aims to disqualify him from the White House on the grounds of his international fame, Freddoso makes a case that conservatives should look at the presumptive Democratic nominee's record.

His thesis: “It’s not that Obama is a bad person. It’s just that he’s like all the rest of them. Not a reformer. Not a Messiah. Just like all the rest of them in Washington. And just like all the other liberals too.” ...

Freddoso opts largely for a fact-based critique, and writes that the viral and overt smears have allowed Obama to evade substantive criticism.

“Too many of those criticizing Obama have been content merely to slander him,” he writes. False rumors about Obama's religion and ancestry have produced, Freddoso writes, “an intellectual laziness among the very people who should be carefully scrutinizing Obama.”

The other book mentioned by Mr. Smith in this piece is the brand-new book by Jerome Corsi, "The Obamanation." While Mr. Corsi may have a solid investigative book about Obama, we have more respect for David Freddoso, and we are eagerly awaiting his book to arrive. (I placed the order on Amazon yesterday for it.) Mr. Freddoso has done many investigative pieces for National Review and Human Events, and we are sure that this book will hold the same talented measure he gives to NRO.

His point regarding how Obama should be approached is spot-on. Forget the religion question. Forget the ties he has, unless they paint a picture of his ideology. We have to focus on his beliefs (political) and stances regarding policy. When you strip away the veneer, you are left with a man who is more liberal than most believe -- bordering on socialist -- and he is reminiscent of the same-old, same-old of Washington, DC politicians.

There is no hope and change in Barack Obama. He is peddling despair, and the only change he stands for is the sort you keep in your pocket. And that change is about what you'll have left when his spending policies tax the ever-living snot out of us. His book serves as a wake-up call to conservatives to start hammering Obama on what he believes, and urges them to leave the conspiratorial rhetoric for the moonbats in the tin-foil hats.

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