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Friday, August 1, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

It is the first of the month and that means that the newest issue of Common Conservative has been published, and is waiting on the stands.

(Should today hold more news than what we are seeing thus far, those posts will be below this one, so please scroll down. But do not hold your breath. It is Friday, after all.)

Mr. Lindaman begins this issue with a piece in advance of the Democrat convention at the end of this month.

Patrick Shanahan is still on hiatus, but please peruse his archives here.

Mr. Simoneaux talks about what is and is not "proper." (Frankly, the example he gives regarding "dental floss" has always disgusted me, which is why I do not wear such clothes.)

Thomas and I discuss waffles; namely the sort of waffles that Senator Obama has made.

Doug Patton discusses the rules for Democrats and Republicans in this election year. (Lucky for Mr. Patton, neither Thomas or I follow rules, especially these rules.)

John Lillpop talks about why the New York Times rejected John McCain's op-ed.

Peter Wright opines about the Democrat's inability to deal -- sensibly -- with the economy, and how it is hurting this nation. (We have always said that when the democrats are in charge, keep your powder dry.)

Christopher Adamo brings up something about natural disasters, namely their politicization on so many levels.

J.J. Jackson tosses his opinion out there about dirty tricks the McCain camp is using. (Compared with the Obama camp, we think John McCain's "dirty tricks" are non-existent.)

Daniel Clark hammers the heck out of Senator Obama's gaffe on Gitmo and habeas corpus rights granted to detainees by the Supreme Court.

So please enjoy the efforts of these fine writers, and take a peek at what they have written.



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