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Friday, August 1, 2008

"Gang Of 10" Reach Oil Compromise

This looks very promising, but it is not finished yet so forget popping the champagne right now. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave mild acknowledgment, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to give a comment. But promising is better than nothing:

A bipartisan group of 10 senators offered an energy plan Friday aimed at producing more domestic oil via offshore drilling, reducing energy prices, and aiding the troubled economy.

The plan also would require automobiles to be more fuel efficient and would provide research money for improved batteries to move away from petroleum-products in cars: the plan calls for 85 percent of vehicles to run on non-petroleum-based fuel in 20 years.

Senators said the bill also would promote more renewable energy sources and nuclear energy, as well as carbon capture techniques to reduce greenhouse gas production through tax and other incentives.

"This bill would do more to lower gas prices at the pump" than any other plan, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., told reporters at a
Capitol Hill news conference. "Any change in production would send a powerful signal to markets" that would ease back on speculation that primarily Democrats have blamed as one reason for sky-high oil prices.

The outer continental shelf will be opened, and there will be a focus on alternative energy sources. This is what we have been saying for the better part of two months. Why should we be buying any oil from nations abroad when we could be drilling our own oil? We should not be putting such things in the hands of others. It threatens our security -- both in terms of national security and energy security -- and should have been pushed through long before now.

The problem is that the Democrats, in their race to appeal to every special interest out there, are having a rather steamy affair with the environmental lobby. They do not want to upset these people, but in all honesty, why not? The environmentalists want the world going back to the days before cars, and using kerosene lamps and candles. That is simply not prudent and it is highly unlikely that their goals will be met anytime soon.

Hopefully, these senators can push this through. The good news is they reached a compromise in reaction to the public's call for expanding drilling. The bad news is that they have a long road to haul before we can pop the corks on the bottles of bubbly. Will they succeed? Time will tell. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been beyond stubborn on this issue, but with a few of their colleagues making an end-run around them, they may finally wake up and cave in on this issue.



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