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Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

Sorry about the delay in the announcement (minor brain-fart moment), but it doesn't change anything. The new issue of Common Conservative is up, and waiting for you guys, so click on over and take a gander at the newest missives by some of the sharpest conservative minds.

The Chief kicks off this issue with a guide to political ads this election season.

Larry Simoneaux gives some advice when it comes to hunting, and it's advice that is timely considering the story he tells.

Marcie and I wrap up the staff columns with a look at Senator Obama's attitude and behavior.

The Chief starts off the guest columns with a book review. The book, "Pandemonium in 2012," is by Lee Cross and sounds like a gripping political thriller. Because I enjoy such books, this will be one on "to buy" list.

Doug Patton brings up an idea that we have thought about before -- a civics/current events test that should be given before anyone can vote. (No offense, but there are some real winners out there that haven't the foggiest notion why they're voting for someone or something.)

Harold Whitkov talks about the American Dream, and the Clampett's lives in the old one, and what their lives in the "new" one might look like.

JJ Jackson talks "Atlas Shrugged," red lights, and the need for someone to stand up and take responsibility.

Carey Roberts rips Nancy Pelosi a new one by comparing her to the old boss tactics from political machines of old.

And John Lillpop has a little fun at John Edwards' expense over his sex scandal. (Sordid maybe, but even these scandals have a couple of snickers in them.)

Have fun reading, folks!!

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