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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

Welcome to the 16th of September -- just 48 days until the election -- and do we at Common Conservative have an issue for all of you good readers this time.

The Boss kicks off this issue with a piece on the Obama camp's reaction to Sarah Palin.

Larry Simoneaux gives his observation on attacking Sarah Palin at one's own peril. (Liberals should remember that this woman does know how to hunt.)

And Marcie and I explain why the media doesn't like Sarah Palin. (Here's a hint: They wanted McCain to screw it up, and pick someone they had already vetted.)

John Lillpop starts off the guest pieces with a piece on Obama's apparent jealousy of being upstaged by John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin.

L. Scott Smith gives his two cents on how biased the media seemingly appears, especially in their misaimed attacks at Sarah Palin.

Harold Witkov discusses our vernacular, and how Sarah Palin is contributing to it. (Yes, folks, watch out. "Hockey mom" will soon be a part of our lexicon.)

Doug Patton taps the issue of the vice presidential debates, and he urges Sarah Palin to come out swinging, especially given the fact that Joe Biden sounds like an older version of Barack Obama; the stuttering, rambling, and bumbling is just part of Joe's charm to the electorate.

Carey Roberts takes note of Nancy Pelosi's soon-to-be Bargain Bin tome, and takes the Speaker to task for how utterly puerile the work actually is. (Not to give too much away, but no, Nancy doesn't try to explain her pro-choice stance, and how it reflects on her Catholic upbringing.)

And JJ Jackson rounds out the guests with a piece on how moder-day liberalism can't jive with Christianity, yet many liberals claim to be Christian. (His wife called it "preachy." We think he's spot on.)

We hope you enjoy this issue as we march towards Election Day.

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