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Friday, September 5, 2008

The RNC is officially done -- Reactions

Before I begin, I urge you all to chuckle at this little piece of info. It looks like, according to Nielsen ratings, that Sarah Palin outdrew Senator Obama's acceptance speech 40 million to 38.3 million.

Sucks to be Obama, and that is no more evident than in the three days of the RNC. (Recall, if you will, that Democrats had a full four days and they still don't have party unity.) Tuesday was a so-so day, with decent speeches, and with those people laying out the GOP platform. But the excitement didn't really begin until Wednesday. That's the day that Sarah Palin -- "Sarah Barracuda" -- would take the stage in an attempt to wow the crowd, and put their minds at ease about her, her family, and her conservative bona-fides.

To say she accomplished that would be an understatement. She gave the speech of her life on Wednesday, and she delivered it to a hopeful crowd of people. Those people watched her roll-out on the Friday before, but thanks to the vacuum by the McCain camp after the roll-out, the press proceeded to savage and slander Sarah Palin. On Wednesday night, she swung back, and when she did, the media ended up with a fat lip and Obama ended up with a bloody nose. She didn't pull punches, and she reminded voters of why she was chosen. It wasn't because she was a woman. It was because she has a track record of reform, and that's exactly the sort of vice president John McCain needs.

She used wit and sarcasm to poke at Obama, and wasted little time in hitting him where it counts -- his ego. After that speech, the media went into full "whine" mode. Whining about how she took shots at their candidate, whining about putting her family on display, whining about her being a mom with a Down syndrome baby, etc., etc., ad naseum. Why were they really whining? Because they realize that she's a middle-class mom who has been able to balance work and family, and ascend to the highest levels of power in this nation. In other words, she embraced the old feminist ideas, but she didn't act like the bitter, angry, victocrat feminists that we're used to. She's happy, bubbly, and smart, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. That's what ticked off the media. Well, that and their apparent inability to find one damn piece of dirt on her. Come on, folks, the rubes in the "Mordor media" (see Hugh Hewitt for an explanation of the reference) thought that dredging up Todd Palin's 22 year old DUI charge would break Sarah Palin. (Speaking of which, where were they in 2002 when Joe Biden's daughter had a run in with the law?) The media is having a real problem with her because almost every time they run with a story, and it's a smear, then there's a significant backlash.

Sucks to be a member of the "Mordor media."

John McCain capped off the convention with his acceptance speech. It started slow, and it looked like he was trying to get his feet underneath him. But once he got going, he just rolled. Even when protesters tried to get him off his game he seemed unfazed by their antics, and asked people to not give into the "crowd noise and static" those opposed to him might create. Was his speech a "raise the roof" speech? No, it wasn't. It was him talking to the American people about what this country means to him, and how he views Washington, DC. He sees a broken system in serious need of reform. He also sees that his party has lost it's way, and it's time to get it back on track. He promised the American people that he would do his best to work for them, and not the entrenched bureaucracies and special interests in Washington, DC. And he added that neither he, nor Sarah Palin, are the sort of people that break their word. They're both committed to reforming DC. One of his best lines in his speech was "I'm very proud to have introduced our next vice president to the country. But I can't wait until I introduce her to Washington." That got a loud, raucous round of applause. He hit the right mark.

This was not the arrogant John McCain of 2000. This was the humble man, called to service, and determined to bring change to America. REAL change, not the lip service given to the empty words on the Left. He didn't have to raise the roof on Wednesday night. All he had to do was hit a home run, and he did.

It's clear to us, after watching both conventions, that the RNC was a much better convention. And we do have one bragging point that the Democrats don't have.

We stand as a party united now. Bring on the general election. Bring on the debates. This is going to be a fun election season.

Publius II


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