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Monday, October 6, 2008

Bill Ayers -- legitimate issue

Over the weekend, Sarah Palin took a swipe at Barack Obama by noting that he was "palling around with terrorists;" an oblique reference to Obama's longtime friend, Bill Ayers. Now Ayers was a former Weather Underground member, and while he never participated directly in any bombing the WU executed, he did help plan them. Oh, did I mention that to this day he still feels no remorse for the actions the WU carried out, and in fact he stated that he wished they'd done more?

Yeah, yeah. We've all heard that, but as Captain Ed notes today, Obama's people are furiously trying to spin this away. From David Axelrod on CNN:

JIM ACOSTA: Now a college professor in Chicago, Ayers and Obama served together several years on a nonprofit board. And in 1995 Ayers hosted a coffee for Obama when the young community organizer was making his first run for the State Senate. At this point looking back, should he not have done that?

DAVID AXELROD: Well I mean, when he went, he certainly — he didn’t know the history.

ACOSTA: The Democratic nominee’s chief strategist David Axelrod maintains Obama at that time had no idea about Ayers’ violent past.

Uh-huh. He didn't know the history. Right. Keep smoking that doobie David. From Robert Gibbs on CNN:

ROBERTS: I just want to try to get to the heart of it so that people at home can understand. Our Jim Acosta talked with your senior strategist David Axelrod about this. In 1995 William Ayers held kind of a get to know you event at his place where he was introducing Barack Obama to the political culture there in Chicago when he was running for the state senate for the first time. David Axelrod said that at that meeting Senator Obama was not aware of Ayers’ radical background. Is that true?

GIBBS: Look, if that’s what David said, that is true. look, again, this is a relationship, excuse me, that Barack Obama has condemned the actions of Bill Ayers. This is somebody that “”The New York Times”" said Barack Obama’s not close to, and, again, John, this is a way of distracting the American people from what’s important. just in this more than’s paper John McCain’s campaign said if we talk about the economy, we lose. That’s why we’re seeing the type of dishonorable, dishonest, despicable smear campaign that you see right now with only four weeks to go in this election.

Hey Bobby (can I call you Bobby?) who cares what the New York times says? It's not like they're getting a lot right these days, and Obama's own campaign referred to Bill Ayers as a longtime, close friend. What is truly a distraction is the fact that Obama won't come out and be honest about this issue. It's very, very simple: He is friends with an unrepentant terrorist who is just as radical today as he was back in the day. And the spin that Obama's campaign is putting out just doesn't pass the smell test. Both Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are just as radical today as they were then. The only difference is they're not bombing the nation any longer.

And what his campaign wants us to believe is that he never knew about their activities. To buy that line of bull one would have to suspend the use of their brain. The initial excuse -- that Obama was 8 when the WU started their attacks -- is cute, and it's a nice attempt to sidestep the issue. But it really doesn't wash. The fact is that he knows who Bill Ayers is, and what he did, and he seems to have no problem literally "palling around with" a known terrorist.

Imagine is John McCain had a "friend" that was a terrorist. The Obama camp would be on that 24/7. Instead, we're told by Obama's camp over the weekend that to bring this up is racist. Hey Barry!! You want to get some new people on your team because every time you or your buddies play the race card, it blows up in your face. Questioning your judgment when it comes to people you call a friend, people who helped you launch your political career, people who put you in charge of an education reform group; that's all the same guy. That's Bill Ayers, and his association with Barack Obama should be, and is a legitimate issue. And Sarah Palin is right to bring it up.

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